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1.8a question

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Mar 4, 2002
If you check some other threads, I have basically been w/o a pc for over 2 weeks waiting for abit tech support to help with a boot block error after upgrading to the 38 bios. But my question is this.
I know the 1.8a @ 2.4 using the 4x memory setting is best. However if it will only post @ 2.4ghz with the memory setting at the 3x mode, making it effectively at 400mhz which is the default spec, taking memory bandwith into account, is it better to run the 1.8a @ 2.2ghz with the memory overclocked, or running the 1.8a @ 2.4ghz with the memory at default? as I have no pc right now. I was able to boot into both of the above mentioned speeds, does anyone have any benchmarks or something they can point me to , to check on this? i'm gonna assume @ 2.2 with the memory overclocked is gonna give a better boost all around, but any ideas/links would be helpful, thanks.
Your saying you have the "code 29" issue with your board? If so, how did you manage to even post? if you posted, all you need is a diskette with the latest BIOS on them and you're set!

If only I was in your shoes a week ago.... :(
nah not code 29, this is the famous award boot block error.
my northwood booted up fine with the 37 bios, as (129 x 2)
and i was able to flash to the 38 bios. it was after that flash, it booted fine @ 2.2ghz with the ram multiplier @ 4x
then i lowered the ram multiplier to 3x,and it booted up at 2.4ghz. It was after that shut down restart, that i got the error grRr =( damn whoever invented boot block should be shot, i've seen it do more harm than good so far... /end of venting
so i was wondering which would be faster. but off topic, i still am sitting on a boot blocked th7 II raid waiting for abit tech support to get back to me on a fix, and i have checked the forums, and tried everything to fix it so far...no dice..and the fix so far is to replace the bios chip, so im gonna sit tight until abit emails me back.
If the FSB is set to 150 and the mem to 300 then the RDRAM would be overclocked to PC900. Overall system performance would be dependant on what you do, CPU intensive apps or bandwidth sensitive apps.