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1 GHz Duron: Spitfire or Morgan?

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Sep 24, 2001
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The current price of a 1 GHz Duron is making it my choice for a value priced PC. Coupled with an ECS K7S5A mobo and a cheap video card should be a pretty good deal. However, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to tell the difference between a Spitfire and Morgan core Duron. I know that everything OVER 1 GHz is a Morgan, but a 1 GHz could be either. I'm planning to purchase (again) from Newegg, so I doubt that they would even have any older Spitfire Durons left, but I might find a deal at one of the local computer shows and I want to know what stepping or date code (or something else) would allow me to tell the difference if I could actually see the chip first hand.

They are palominos, the duron cores have the same core logic and are called morgans, they're not failed XPs they are made on a different process, with cheaper aluminum rather than copper interconnects.


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I've a Spitfire, the L7's are the votage bridges. On the Morgans I've read that it's the L11's that are the volt bridges. Since the Spitfires have no L11's then just look for L11 bridges, If you can find some = Morgan, if not = Spitfire. (assuming what I've heard is true, I'd double check that with someone who has a Morgan first)
all 1 ghz durons are morgans, here's how to tell Morgan's have a tall skinny core as opposed to spitty's that have a smaller core.also Morgans have 5 L1 bridges, and the old durons have 4 L1's
They say a picture's worth a thousand words, so here you go. Pictures are taken from Newegg. Note the bridges and the orientation of the core (as stated above). (don't count on there being a sticker there to identify it :) )
Duron 1000

Just about anything you buy will be morgan core. I am VERY happy with my cheapo set up. I have been playing around with different boards and chips and the real surprise was the 1 gig DURON running under a ECS K7AMA board. This is a cheap board about 50 bucks and has little OC'ability HOWEVER, the DURON is set up for a 100 Mhz bus. The Motherboard has a jumper to set it for either 100 or 133. The DUron runs just fine at 133. I had swaped it out and put in a XP 1900+ to see the difference and the Duron was slower but not by much...the1900 is $140+...you do the math. It supports 3Dnow2 and runs about 40deg idle and 44-55 loaded @ 133. At FSB 100 it runs 39 deg idle and about 41 or so loded. Air cooled with the stock fan. No voltage of any adjustment of any kind was made.
IMO the DURON is an AMAZING bang for the buck...Nothing comes close. Yes, I know, it is not the "top performer but it costs 39 bucks! and it is damn close. If it had a 512K L2 cach...it would be a XP. It seems to me that they have too many chips to close in performance to each other.
I was hoping for the DuronMP that would have been awsome. they made a few but put it on hold....

I am building a Linux cluster running these Duron's , you can buy a lot of compute cycles for just a few bucks...

an X2000 is about 200 bucks and runs hot as hell. You can buy 5 count'm 5, Durons for that and it would deliver morer then 2 -3 X the processing power easy (depending on your app)

good luck
Excellent. Thanks to the guys that showed us the differences!~!

And thanks to mbigna for showing me this thread!~! :D