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1 Gig Athlon cooling

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Senior Aircraftsman IRL
Jul 16, 2001
Scotland - And don't you forget it!
Hi all - new to this motley crew (A wretched hive of scum and villany?)

Just finished a small OC project - Epox 8kta3+ with a 1gig Athlon OC'd to 1.43gig. Had problems with core temp rising fast, but seem to have cracked it. On the top of the midi tower, there is just enough space between the PSU and CD-ROM drive to fit a 120mm fan blowing straight down on the memory and cpu. Leaving the CPU fan on as well, with the addition of an 80mm exhaust fan, a cpu idle temp of 24C has been acheived, with a full load temp (3DMark2001 looped) of 30C has been acheived. This is all with the case on in normal(Aberdeen, Scotland)room temperatures. Very pleased, and with minimal outlay on bits(2 fans and grills) Why does everybody seem to spend so much, when it seems so little is needed?
Room Temp(17 / 18C I think?

The 120mm fan has the highest cfm I could find at overclockers.co.uk, and is mounted 3-4 inches away from the cpu (no watercooling, but a good hoovering out of the case - cat hairs and dust everywhere - certainly helped a lot) There is plenty free space round the case, with great circulation in the case(all wires bundled out of the way). Plenty noise, but with the sound cranked up, you don't hear the fans.....