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10,000 rpm IDE HDDs?

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I haven't heard of IDE hitting those speeds yet. Rest assured that if they do come out, heat will be a big issue to deal with on them. Price at first would be high, but they'd come down eventually just as 7200RPM and previous speeds did.
I've got a 10K Seagate SCSI for a boot drive, and baby, it gets hot. I put one of those "Ultimate H.D. Coolers" on it, which seems to work well.
Overclocker550 said:

the only 15k scsi I heard of was 18gb. I can get two 40GB ide's and raid0 em for less

Both IBM and seagate make 36.7 gig versions of 15k rpm scsi drives. The seagate 36.7 gig scsi is the fastest hard drive in exsistence to date with an average sustained transfer rate of 53 MB/sec.
I like SCSI, and I like IDE. I have worked with and used them both. I compare SCSI and IDE like CPU cores. Some just get to a certain point and they can't really go much farther. Like the Palomino core in the XP's. Now they have the Thoroughbreds coming out. I look at it like that. IDE is good, and its fast...but SCSI can just accomplish more.