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10-12c Load??

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, Immutable, Administrator
Dec 22, 2000
Huntsville, AL
I'm trying to understand how with aircooling one would be able to acheive 10-12c max load temps. On another board this is someone's claim. It just don't seem possible to me, unless like I asked him " have ya got yer rig set up in a meat locker?" Any ideas on how this could be ???
well....after few week using aircooling + pelt(85W), the lowest temp @ load i can achieve is 20C!!! this is with ambient temp less then 5C!!! aircooling are very sensitive to ambient temp!! this is what i discover after using it!! if the ambient temp are low then u will get lower load temp. untill now i still can't get negetive temp even in ideal form!! the lowest ideal temp using air +pelt was just 1C!! it also @ ambient temp less then 5C!!! every reading is come from the setup P3 750 @992. this is my experiance.....correct me if i'm wrong!!
Well, with plain air cooling, ambient is the limit.

I suppose there could have been a super airconditioner involved, or something like that. Maybe he has a TEC aircooled and considers that aircooled. Or he could just be dangling a juicy lie out there to see how many people will bite. ;D