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10, 4 and 3 billion. Yep. It goes like that sometimes.

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Jul 17, 2003
Three of our billionaires are moving up. WOOT! superducky earned 10 billion. BigBlockk has earned 4 billion and Farwalker has earned 3 billion. More on this later but give them a big "WOOT! WOOT!".

Our status in the world rankings hasn't changed much. Let's be real about this though. At our level. Being at the top of the "game" like we are, things take a long time to change. I mean look at our points alone. We have over 337 billion points. In fact, let's see the exact number as of this writing. 337,683,821,990. That's such a big number I had to replace my keyboard in the middle of typing it. (Not really but I mean....) Numbers like that are hard to move. We are still # 9 in the world and EPFL is still chasing us.

With that being noted, we will reach the #8 spot before they relegate us to # 9. ("Relegate"? What are you watching Ted Lasso or something? "Relegate".) Ok all that aside, we will catch EVGA in about 20 years. Of course, that's *if* they continue production (But they stopped selling NVIDIA cards) and *if* we never increase our production. Slow and steady has won many races for us and we will keep at it. PCMR will fall to us in less than a month. Hardware.no in 8 months. PCMR and Hardware.no are teams like us. Computer enthusiasts who invest our own time and money for this. We are happy to have them to compete with. NVIDIA and EVGA will fall to us eventually but maybe the cards EVGA is no longer selling will be put into the mix by NVIDIA. Who knows. That was all ment to be commentary but it falls short. Help me out here.

HayesK_ALL is # 32
WhitehawkEQ is #36
torin3 is #75
dfonda is #89

Holdolin is edging closer to the top 100 in the world at #123.
HayesK is still trying to pass earlier versions of himself at #168.

The stats above are for the entire world. Not for the team or the US or North America but the WORLD.

We have dropped to 48 active users. Not sure what's going on. It isn't the heat of summer yet. We expect a slowdown in summer. Hopefully it isn't due to the various storms across the nation(s) knocking some of us out. Speaking of which, if you are in the line of some of these, please be safe and well. Back to the stats, we are averaging 10.3 million ppd per active user. That continues to be a good number. I don't want to rely on this number too much. It can rise by having those who earn less than the average drop out to pick that number up. But that's NOT what we want. Large or small, we want all of the points. A L L O F T H E P O I N T S! Whatever you can generate is all good. So let's see the team ave ppd raise by earning more points.

Top 22 are earning 1 million ppd or more. Let's get this stat up if we can. (No worries if you can't.)
Top 10 are earning 10 million ppd or more.
Top 6 are earning 20 million ppd or more.
Top 4 are earning 30 million ppd or more.
Top 3 are earning 50 million ppd or more.
Top 2 are earning 126 and 131 million ppd or more.

superducky has earned his first 10 BILLION! That gets two woots. WOOT! WOOT!
BickBlockk has earned 4 billion! WOOT!
Farwalker has earned 3 billion! WOOT!
Woomack has earned 50 million.

IzzyStuart has earned 900k.
Birdgem has earned 20k.

Has anyone checked in with the making of our own stats page? Looking to find the missing peices of the puzzle and those who can do those parts. Please please please check in and help us find the missing peices of this project.

OK. I don't know what I missed but I know you guys will represent below. Until then, be well and fold on.
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Aight, peering through my yet uncaffinated eyes you hit the nail on the head. Things move slow at this lvl, but hey, at aint it great to be at this lvl? All this thanks to the contributions of each and every one of you (yes, I mean even you, just doing what you do while just lurking the forms).

Speaking of the only team that's threatening...ok most likely about to kick our ASCII, I can't help but to be impressed by that lvl of POWAH. I thought about filling my basement up with PIs, but after mathing out the power req's it came out cheaper to build systems out of 4090s. This is speaking strictly in terms of PPD/watt. In my research I found a company that basically builds these cute little plastic chassis stuffed with PIs. The box come complete with PSU and switch so you can just grab a bunch of those boxes and like a couple 48 port switches and several power stirps and POW, bob's yer uncle.

There, I found the link: https://www.picocluster.com/collections/raspberry-pi4

Anyway, sorry for going a bit off-topic. I just find this kind of stuff neat. Anyways, WTF all and keep on keepin on while staying safe should any of the nasty weather I keep hearing about heads your way.
Not off topic. You're exactly on topic. The whole idea of a Pi farm is cool to think about. Love it. Not doing it but I love the idea anyway. It's cool to know that you calculated it out too. Appreciate the share.
NP at all. Glad some of the research I do is found useful by others. My wife occasionally asks me how I spend so many hours a day 'researching' stuff. This is but one of the many things (y)
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My wife occasionally asks me how I spend so many hours a day 'researching' stuff. This is but one of the many things (y)
I would answer in the same vein as the question asked, "I am trying to find the end of the internet!" :chair:
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I found the story line hard to follow and some parts of it were more graphic than I like.