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10 to 15 degrees rise in core temps less than a week after delidding CPU

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New Member
Apr 20, 2024
My Intel Xeon E3 1246 V3 was having thermal problems (2 cores hitting 100 and 85) and after seeing this thread i decided to delid it. I posted the results and all pictures here in the same thread. Everything was working perfectly and i was happy to have revived my cpu but no! Of course i can't have nice things! Today, after less than a week of seeing those great resutls, I did the same cpuz stress test and temps are about 10 to 15 degrees higher now and the difference between hottest and coolest core has increased to 10 degrees. What could be the cause of this? I made sure to clean the black glue as much as possible so that the IHS can have great contact with the die. Was that not clean enough as shown in this picture? Also you can see in the same picture that i scracthed the IHS a little bit while removing the black glue. Could that somehow be causing thermal paste to spread unevenly or sth? If yes can I fix it using sandpaper? Or is there an easy way to use direct-die cooling with my intel stock cooler if there is no fix? (was planning to get a Pure Rock Slim 2 soon) Picture1.jpg
I saw same when I used conventional pastes after a delid. MX-4 is relatively runny. The problem went away when I switched to liquid metal between die and IHS.
The reason i went for MX4 was that i was afraid of liquid metal spilling and shorting the cpu. also saw lots of people use normal paste in delids so thought it would cause no problems.
Liquid metal does have its risks. If you want to stick to conventional pastes maybe try a thicker one. I'm not familiar with what's what theses days.
Update: Do NOT use normal thermal paste on the cpu die. Because of thermal expansion pump-out effect, temps will go high soon. Use liquid metal or tpm 7950.