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10"X10"X10" BLOCK OF DRY ICE...

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Apr 18, 2001
how long would this block of ice last in ur standard mini-fridge if placed in the small freezer area?
(freezer area sealed if need be)
should be able to last at least a week. We kept some dry ice in a cooler in the chem lab for about four days, didn't loose a ton to sublimation. Funny, what can you do with 25 pounds of dry ice..........
my thoughts were to run hoses from my little giant submersible through a pelted waterblock on cpu, thru a radiator, then through a large copper water block resting on the block of dry ice in the small freezer area and back to the little giant in the reservoir. (maybe not in that order) i wonder what my cpu temps could be with this setup if of course there was a way to get the block of dry ice to last a couple months to warrant this mission.
i also understand that if the pump ever failed or was turned off by accident that hell would freeze over, literally lol.
Don't put Dry Ice into a sealed container, it goes from solid to gas and will cause rapid pressure buildup in a sealed container.
its called sublimination(sp?). Its the process of a solid changing to a gas. totally skipping the liquid stage.
yeah, dry ice sublimes. If you put a bunch in a coke bottle, seal the top, you can wait about 10 minutes and the coke bottle will explode. I wouldn't put metal on dry ice, that will just really stress the metal. Dry ice is cold, but you have to keep renewing it. Plus you may end freezing the water in the block which is not good.
so what would the temps be if i kept enough flow to keep from freezng ... oh hell never mind lol
thanx for the help bros!

il dream up something else im sure