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100 000 000 at long last

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Oct 3, 2017
Well I've been mining here for years, but since the Crypto craze I've been off on that, I did however recently dig out some old GPUs and systems I had laying around to heat the house during the winter and figured hey, why not just fold on these instead.
So I fired some stuff back up and would you look at that, it was just in time to hit 100 000 000!
My first record is set back on 10.12.08, now that may seem like a long time to get 100 million, but I guess work units weren't paying as much back then, because I have a total of 18 709 WUs.

Anyways, just figured I'd post it up, and thank everybody that's still going strong, I still even recognize a bunch of names from way back when!

Fold On boys!
Welcome back.

Back in the 0X years, it was more that the GPUs were much weaker compared to the next generation and the next and next . . . (with many more transistors and better architectures).
I was "in the hunt" with dual 780s back in the day.
The cutting edge (IIRC) were those huge multi CPU that had 36 (or was it 64 cores?) or more cores that could reliably produce 300,000 PPD! Back in 2014 we were all excited that don256us hit 30,000,000!

Production was a LOT slower back then.
I could not sleep next to a 1u server, those fans are just way too high pitched for me, I folded mostly on radeon 7870s, had 3 in a rig for a while, boy were they warm.
I do remember wanting one of those 4P rigs back in the day. I think for a while we were using the HP cloud free intro offering to get some pretty nice points too.

edit, I wrote "mined" instead of "folded" you can really see where I've been :p