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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
Reached my first milestone today....100.:beer:

Not much to brag about but it cheers me a little ( my ecsk7s5a-went limp, dunno whats wrong, may not be crunching for a while)-http://forum.oc-forums.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=72059

Crunch on folks!:burn:
Hey good job! I remember that one. The next couple come fast then you get to where I am and they slooowww down!:) Keep crunching!!:D
Any tips on OC'ing an ECS K7S5A? I haven't found any board features that will allow an overclock. It is extremely stable and was great bang for the buck.

Never mind...found it in the AMD MOBO Forum.

Nothing to see here! Please Disperse!
Congratulations and welcome to the 3 digit club! :D

Feel good about each and every milestone, you've earned it and we all had to work our way up the same ladder. :)


100 is a significant milestone... I remember reading that something like 70% of all users never reach 100...

It is the milestone that shows one's dedication IMHO....

Actually, about 70% of all users haven't gotten over 40 WU's =\ I'm at 44 WU's right now (and after only a week of crunching on a single system :D ) and it says I'm above 76% of all users :eek: It'll be nice, in like a week and a half, I'll be hitting 100 WU's also :D

And congrats at hitting 100 Puer.
Congrats. You'll be reaching for the credit card soon to order more equipment :)
Congratulations on the milestone.....

100 WU is, IMO, the very real milestone as a serious cruncher you achieve. This shows dedication and willingness to the project, so keep on and soon you'll be receiving your 1,000 WU certificate.
Thanks all for the encouragement, I like the spirit of this team!!:D

My WU's are going to be a little behind until I figure out what is wrong w/ my Duron...I have yet to do any serious tests....Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Till then...CRUNCH ON!:burn: