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1000 mhz Axia @ 1370 mhz. Want advice to get even higher

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Apr 8, 2001
Sweden (Gothenburg)
Hallo. I use an Axia 1000/266.
It is now overclocked 8.5 x 161 = 1370 mhz.
VCore: 1.74 V
I/O: + 5%
Idle: 42 C Load: 46 C. Air Cooled´.
My motherboard is iwill kk266-r with bios 0307 (turbo bios).

I have tried several settings reach 1400 and above but it gets unstable in games. Works fine in windows.
But i get this bluescreen saying "IRQL not less or equal", "Hal.dll bla bla bla"
Different kinds of messages when trying to play. Sisoft benchmarks works. Mem, Cpu...
Anybody know of any solution. It didn´t help up the I/O voltage to 10 %. and Vcore 1.81 Volt

I know my little sweetie is able to go higher. I just need to know how to treat her. I have know reach 1370 mhz at a very satisfying FSB speed. But i know my sweetie can do better with your help. So please write down some suggestions to let me overcome this little problem so I can manage to stabalize my little sweetie when playing.

Maybe its worth to say that I cool the motherboard with 4 Titan (37 CFM) Pointed at ram, northbridge and the super orb heatzink. 2 Fans on grahpicscard.

Raid 0 2 x 45 gb 7200 ibm
1 15.2 gb 5400 rpm
1 Bigfoot 8.4 mb 5400 rpm
Netgear 100 mbit
Use max vcore if needed, default VIO or 5%+, 10% could be too much. I think the Super Orb might be what's holding you back and the errors could be caused by the ram or northbridge, try 9 X156=1404.

The main reason I think is the fsb you're using is near or at the limits of the hot northbridge chipset w/stock heatsink. you can cool it down a bit and get a little more fsb if you apply thermal paste under the northbridge heatsink and stick a fan on top of the heatsink. Most Iwill KK266-R can reach 159-160MHz fsb without active cooling. I reach 165MHz with thermal paste applied and an old 40mm coolmaster cpu fan on top of the heatsink.
You really need to increase the multiplier to get the FSB down a little. At 160 MHz, you PCI is way out of whack and everything on the board is at it's limit which leads to instability. It can be almost impossible to be able to know the cause. Set the multiplier to 10 and see how far you can get with a reasonable FSB of from 133 to 150 MHz.
Yes your FSB speed may be borderline instable. I know that if I go to 161 I get errors. Now you have many options since your cpu is still at default voltage. First off I would improve CPU and possibly also case cooling. Your numbers are low but they could be a bit lower. Then I would increase the voltage.

Good luck

I have managed to up the FSB from 161 mhz to 162 x 8.5 = 1377 = 7-8 mhz increase:)
Vcore: 1.74 Volt (same as before)
VIO: 5 % + (lowered by 5 %)
Temps: System: 26 C, CPU: 43 C (load 46 C)

It seems like my computer is easier to clock through fsb than multiplier.

I also tried lower fsb to and up multiplier 150 x 9.5 = 1425 mhz. Vcore 1.85 Volt
When running Counterstrike I got the bluescreen after 3 minutes of gameplay.

When I try 163 the ram displays in boot as 50 % smaller. 256 mb becomes 131 mb.
So I think I have reach maximum what my ram is capable of. I have also put some arctric silver on the northbridge and I putted a bigger heatzink on top of the smaller one. Maybe this will help me.

I think my problem is when I get above 1400 mhz and the system gets unstable is the bus speeds. Is it possible to lower just agp speed or something?.

Since I´m able to run my computer at default voltage eventhough I have clocked it by 37 % I have hard to believe that I should raise the voltage by 1 VOLT 1.74 - 1.85 just to get above 1.4 ghz. 0.5 volt would be more logical.
Mortdog (May 04, 2001 03:49 a.m.):

What voltages do you have?

CPU: I am running at 1.91V, which is bios setting of 1.8V.

3.3V I am running at +5%


P.s.: Do not put another heatsink on top of one already installed heatsink on the Northbridge! Remove the greenie, apply AS, put the greenie back on and install a small fan.

P.p.s.: Do you use one or two memory sticks?
have u tried it with a lower multiplier???
say 7.5 or 8 with fsb at 160????
if it`s still unstable then your rams can`t cope with tha high fsb.
try lowering the fsb to 150 with 8 or 8.5 , and c if it is stable....

But it is stable with this setting 162 x 8.5 (1381 mhz).

But when I exceed that setting I get error messages.

If it is stable at this setting I I kinda think that this processor has potential to get very high.

162 without fan on northbridge is pretty good.