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1000c Axia Vs 2200c Agoia!

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Jul 14, 2001
Edmonton, Alberta
I wanna compare the 1000C in my one hand to the 2200C in my other hand, do you guys think the XP2200+C really is twice as fast?

I know for sure, my old CPU will winout in any type of overclocking run ratio to mhz that is :)

My 1000C runs fine @ 1.33GHz 1.85V while,

the XP2200C+ runs fine @ 1.90GHz 1.85V.

You guys, I was aloud to test drive the XP2200 for an hour in my Abit KT7A-RAID V1.1, and it works perfect! What I thought was really cool is that when you put the XP2100 or XP2200 on the board, the bios kicks in two additional multipliers support! (13X, 13.5X).

Also, the Bios found it as an XP Processor! I never got those booting problems that some people said lurked with XP and KT7A.

Below is my AXIA Athlon and AGOIA XP2200!

I just had enough time to play a quick 5 minute game of StarWars Jedi Knight2. Oh MAN! I could actually see the difference. My FPS jumped 18fps when comparing the Birdy at 1333MHz and then the Pally at 1901MHz.

I tell yea, even thou the Overclocking potential on this CPU blows chunks, the CPU was still soaring over the birdy in the end.

But, unfortuneatly, I dont have $500 CAN for a CPU so I had to give it back. Still, it was nice of my friend to lend.

'''A special thanks goes out to Matt and Jake for lending me the CPU to burn around for those few minutes!'''

p.s - There going to get me a Duron 1400 to try out for next weekend hopefully.



this sux, seriously, I wish they gave me like just an hour more, LOL then I coulda get some benches. It would be interesting to see benches on my system with 1.90GHz with PC133 CL2 SD-Ram.

believe me, I tried everything, but I had to give it back. The processor already looks like @hit because the Thermaltake Volcano 6cu had that black stuff against the copper base and that stuff squished all over the cpu.