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1001 things to do with liquid nitrogen.

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Freezing your partners chair while he is shortly absent.

That is funny. I can think of the #1 thing I might have the berries to do if I had some LN. But I guess I'll leave it to the hard core, HARD core overclockers. They can have that.
I've actually done some of this stuff. Making icecream is
my favorite.

My favorite shocker is to dip my hand completely under
the liquid level and pull it back out. You don't want
to have your hand in there too long or stir it around,
but a good in and out is perfectly safe. Your hand is so
hot is forms an insulating vapor layer so your hand wont
freeze. Most of your friends wont know that so they
will think OMG!!!
Brings back memories of physics class, gold fish and a tank of liquid nitrogen.
Hmm, really? a 486 @ 2ghz? I bet it runs freaking fast. Run 3dmark on that thing. Course, now u gotta LN2 cool a PCI video card for it and OC it it to like 2 ghz.
Wow, I just remembered one of my freshman physics
labs. We caught a housefly in a styrofoam cup up against
the window and threw his little butt in LN2. After he was
in there for a while we pulled him out and put him on
the lab bench. After a while he came back to life and
started moving one wing at a time, then both, then, and
I swear this happened, he flew away in slow motion. :D
I remember seeing my 8th grade science teacher dip a rose into LN2 he pulled it out and it was perfectly forzen...little droplets of water vapor had frozen to it and it had a frosty look to it...was beautyfull...What was really cool is when the stem broke and it hit the table shatering into a million pieces...was the most beautyfull thing ive ever seen. and darn cool :cool: