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1008.002 BIOS A7V266-E Here !

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Nov 13, 2001
Here is a link to a German site (FTP D/L) for the BIOS.

Thanks to fournkel from amdmb / fourms for the link.


I also attached it, if you have a prob with the D/L site.
I just wanted to say this board is pretty kick butt.
I am still going through install probs due to my own lack of back up disks. (CD's scratch easy) But last night I was able to install an OS finally.
Next is the BIOS flash.
Just wanted to "Update" things.

O/C.com ROCKS.
AudiMan said:
Has anyone tried to Overclock with this new BIOS?

I'm going to, shortly.

I need to get a better heatsink (I'm using my standby-use-only-in-a-pinch heatsink right now) and then I'll try.

w/ the 1006 BIOS I got to 145 no problem, higher and I got RAM dumps. I'll feed the RAM a bit more and see if it'll start to like me (it's Crucial, btw. Got it by accident, too!)
I have a (locked) XP2100+ (rest of details in profile, I think, at least I typed them all in). I've been able to overclock FSB to 150 and was stable with exception of the onboard audio (had to disable it to go over 141 Mhz or system would hang up when playing music). I'm new at this overclocking business so will be sitting back learning from all your experience.

I completely forgot about my Asus board since I got my epox 8k3a+. That sucker does 210 FSB, but AGP is holding me back.

I have never really been able to get much over 150 fsb with asus mobos. 154 was my limit with an unlocked t-bird.
Bios ver 1008e.003 is now also available on the German website

DOH !!!!!!!

That's where I got this 1. Well pull it down and post it for us.

Just like a PC, just installed it and it's already outta date.
If ya think about it, we're so far ahead of the software industry,
We'll be on our death beds before they catch up.

The 1008 bios makes no differnce to my benchies on the 1004, i can hit about 170 bus no probs, but this RAM is letting me down at the moment.