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10700kf new build questions

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Nov 23, 2020
I found a new 10700kf for a good price and jumped on it. I had been planning on either 5600x or 10600k or 11600k, but the price was right for the i7.

Build is not set in stone, cause if I see a good price I'll jump on something different if it's a better buy.
I'm not in a hurry to build a new computer so it might be a little while and parts may change by then.
Gigabyte Z490 or Z590 Aorus Pro (I'm partial to the Z590 for the updated audio)
Currently using 1060 FTW, once prices are closer to retail price I'll get a 3060ti, possibly a 3070
D4 pump but probably upgrading to a D5
EK 360 radiator, haven't decided which one
Haven't decided on RAM
Corsair CX550 PSU

My question is that I believe I'll need to upgrade my PSU for watercooling and mildly clocking an i7 cpu.

Also it seems like the motherboard would be appropriate for an i7, but i'm open to suggestions. Purely on looks, I like the Pro for it's muted aesthetics. I want to build a system to be seen, but I don't want it to look like Las Vegas strip. However my top priority is functionality.


Mar 7, 2008
If you think you might ever want to swap the CPU for a rocket lake, then get the Z590. I had a Gigabyte Z490 and it was great with comet lake, but wasn't stable with rocket lake and gigabyte were of no help. While I don't have proof it is the cause, the microcode version is not current and they haven't released any further updates for my Z490 since May. It might be a limitation of Z490, but I don't know that.

IMO the CPUs run well enough at stock there is little point in overclocking for normal running, only as a one off for competitions. PSU wise I'm not sure how far down the stack the early reported problems go down. In short, the 3080 and higher at launch were reportedly taking higher ultra-short term peak power than average would imply, so some people had problems when operating closer to the limit. I don't know if the lower cards like 3070 and below were similarly affected, but it is something to keep in mind.


Apr 29, 2010
Central FL
I would go for the 590, the price is pretty close and leaves you future upgrade options. Along that same line I would go for an 850w PSU. It will give you extra headroom plus it is a ton easier to put the new PSU in now versus later on when you need it after a new GPU upgrade or something like that. Sure the 550w will run fine now but why have to mess with it down the road.

On a side note, I would not use anything ek personally but that is up to you. Too many quality control issues for me. I much prefer Alphacool myself.


New Member
Sep 7, 2021
I mean.. I've been wanting to upgrade my 8700k for a while. Thought about waiting for a DDR5 build later this year?