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1080 PPD seems low

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Jul 10, 2010
I replaced my dual 970's with a 1080 recently. I was expecting ppd in the 750k-900k ppd range, but so far my best day has been 750k peak, and I'm averaging closer to 650k ppd. Some of the variance can be attributed to pausing for games every so often, or just using my computer, but i've had a few 24+ hour periods where i've been away from the computer, and these numbers seem quite low to me. My card is watercooled with temps stable under 38C, and I'm running client-type=beta and max-packet-size=big. I haven't done any manual overclocking, but with turboboost and low temps my card likes to hover around 2000 mhz. I feel like I'm missing something, and not getting the full potential out of my card. What can I do to improve my ppd?
What driver are you using? Make sure it's for the 1080 and not 980. But then again if you installed the drivers that came with it, then you should have the right drivers.
Try running with client-type advanced for a while and see what that does.
GPU-z monitoring shows power limit is fine, drivers are for 1080. It looks like my ppd has started breaking over 700k after setting my advanced settings around the 22nd/23rd, but I'm still trying to push further.

I'm running client-type=beta and max-packet-size=big.

I posted this from work without double checking my config, it's actually client-type=advanced and max-packet-size=big

Which is a more ideal config, Advanced, or Beta?
My 1080 is folding about the same PPD as my 980 Ti (with 50K to 100K PPD or so)...

It really depends on the work unit you are getting. Core x18 are the lowest...and there are some low core x21 work units too.
I set mine to Beta but I don't know why.

My 980Ti is getting between 500 and 690k ppd depending on the core x18 vs x21.