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1080 SLI stutter on desktop

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Feb 26, 2009
System is, unfortunately, as described in the sig and thus pretty dated. I will be assembling a new system soon, just waiting on a case. I was exploring the possibility of using an nVidia Founders Edition 1080 alongside a Zotac 1080 AMP in SLI due to the continuing shortage, but I'm having issues getting them to play nice on the current setup.

The problem is that when I enable SLI in the NCP, the mouse cursor and the screen in general develops a "hiccup" where the screen won't update for a split second before things jump to where they should be. If I launch a simple test like Heaven it runs at less than half the speed of a single GPU. It resembles micro-stutter, but at a slower pace with longer pauses. Macrostutter? Regular stutter? Dunno, but I've experienced this with two different SL bridges now. I am only using one bridge instead of a double, but that shouldn't cause this issue AFAIK. I did do a simple uninstall and re-install of nVidia drivers using the clean install setting, but that solved nothing. G-Sync is disabled. I understand that clock syncing should not be an issue. I'm not sure what to try next, any suggestions?

EDIT: I typed this all out and then realized my current PSU, despite being SLI rated, is only a 550W model. Under load, that might be seriously pushing it even for a Seasonic, but why the issue on the desktop I wonder?
Also keep in mind that games have to have an SLI profile in the driver. If there isn't one, the driver will try to make it up as it goes and this could be the issue.

I went and looked up the PSU requirements to SLI 1080's. 600 Watt for one and 850-900 Watt for two.
It's a lot of horsepower for that 4c/8t haswell(?) to push... but you should still see some scaling in applications that do so. Pretty sure Heaven does...

The clean install setting isn't a driver cleaner, but a remembered settings cleaner. Maybe try using DDU for giggles and see if that helps.

But yes... 550W is pushing it. Those are 180W+ cards iirc... the amp more. So your probably close to 500W+ for the system. 750W+ is what I would run. ;)