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10900k OC on Asrock Z490 Taichi

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Thanks for the pointers earthdog, you made it simple and straight to the point.
Just did over 100 passes on CB20. I'm scared to run prime95

my hottest core was 94c after a hour of running CB20, I think this should be stable for gaming in the long run. My OCD is telling me to try prime95 and make sure it's the most stable it can be lol
Just got a stable OC of 5Ghz and seeing if everything is looking good. My temps seem decent but trying to lower them. What's a good way to lower these temps? I'm using LLC 2 and can't go any lower with out getting WHEA errors. Plus my voltage is perfect right now for no BSOD. I wanna get a stable 5.1Ghz but that means I got to pump up the voltage and maybe LLC 1 which mean's more heat

Also I noticed the Core vid seems very high. Should I be concerned about this or is this normal? Vcore is set at 1.270v VCCSA 1.170V and VCCIO 1.170v in Bios

This rig is just for gaming so don't need some crazy OC. I'm sure 5Ghz is good enough. I just upgraded to a 3080 Ti and wanna make sure I don't bottle neck this beast of a GPU

Any advice is welcomed! Thanks


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Is this a good benchmark test?


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I assume with a 3080ti you're gaming at 1440, yes? Otherwise, if you're at 1080p, you want all the cpu you can get.

My suggestion... stop benchmarking and stress testing amd play your PC. :)
Sad thing is I'm on 1080p until I get some extra cash for a 1440p, I'm seeing the performance hit from not giving the 3080 ti any heavy loads yet. I still see a decent increase in FPS in warzone but the gpu is only running at 60-90% most of the time. It needs a 2k monitor for sure to push the card harder. CSGO, MW and Cold war get super high frames. Warzone just wants to hit my CPU more then this GPU. I thought 1080p would be even more better for framerates then 1440p but I guess it's the other way around these days with GPU's. The goal these days is hit them even harder so you can get that GPU usage to 95-98% usage
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Yeah, it is what it is. Crank the settings and enjoy the pegged FPS until you get that new monitor!! I rocked a 3080 Ti at 1440p/165Hz and it was perfect for the games I play.