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1090T OC - can't reach 4ghz - very close to it

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Jan 8, 2015

I would be grateful if you could share your opinion regarding my configuration and OC settings. The problem is that I can not reach 4ghz, but I'm very close to it. My OC goal is CPU 4ghz, CPU-NB 2600mhz, RAM 1600mhz @ decent timings or any other good settings you would suggest. The motivation for this OC is that my CPU at stock settings bottlenecks the video card (sometimes). I want to gain better gaming performance and I do not aim for benchmarks (even if I use them for OC settings comparison).

My system's components:
CPU: AMD 1090T BE, Revision E0
MB: Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3
RAM: 2x Kingston HyperX 4GB 1600mhz 1.65v, Total 8GB
GPU: Sapphire HD6970
Case: Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Window
Cooling: Scythe Mugen in push-pull with 2 fans @ 1400RPM, 4 other 120mm and 140mm fans on case (2 in, 2 out) @ 1000RPM (Cooler Master)
Power: Enermax NAXN 80+ 600W

My system's airflow:

I have obtained the following stable OC so far:
Bus Speed: 231
CPU: 3927mhz (231 * 17)
CPU Voltage: 1.45v (1.30v + 0.15v offset) - shown in BIOS
HT Link: 2078mhz (231 * 9)
CPU-NB: 2540mhz (231 * 11)
CPU-NB Voltage: 1.25v (1.15v + 0.1v offset) - shown in BIOS
RAM: 1540mhz (231 * 6.66) @ 10-10-10-28(-38-1T)
RAM Voltage: 1.65v

All other settings are set at stock freq / voltage. Tested for stability for 6+ hours in Prime95 Blend Mode. Max. core temperature: 51C in full load after 6 hours of P95 blend mode.


If I change the FSB to 233 (CPU 3961mhz), the system freezes (bluescreen) in prime95 blend mode. I tried to increase CPU-NB Voltage to 1.3v but it didn't help. I also tried to OC only with multiplier, or with lower FSB - with the same result: didn't reach 4ghz or more stable.

What do you think?

Thank you!
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That CPU isn't really bottlnecking that video card really...

That said, your case airflow is ok, but the orientation of the CPU cooler I would change from front to back. As it sits, you are sucking in the warm air off the back of the GPU straight through the CPU heatsink.
Welcome the OCF bogdans06
The one thing you haven't mentioned is your temps under load. I have to ask about the CPU cooler as well. Will it not rotate 90° to blow out the back instead of the top. Right now it pulls air off of the vid card.
Ha, ninja'd by the DOG
It is impossible to change the orientation of CPU cooler due to the MB and cooler's holder design. I can't rotate it. I could move only the fans but the cooling efficiency would be lower because the other sides are smaller (more narrow).

The maximum core temperature with the aforementioned OC (3927mhz) is 51C (Coretemp) in full load after 6 hours of Prime95 in Blend mode.

Thank you! I read all tutorials regarding my configuration and a lot of posts from this forum. It is very helpful and I'm happy to be here.
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P95 isn't running the GPU though... like gaming would. Temps would naturally be lower gaming than P95, but you then would have the heat of the GPU...

Try P95 and run Unigine Heaven looping for a while and see what happens..
OK. I will try P95 (max fpu test) with Unigine Heaven. What do you think about my OC settings? Is there anything I could try to reach 4ghz? I'm in lack of ideas. Thank you so far!

LE: My maximum temperature is 51C with the radiator on (very hot), which is pretty near to the computer. I have lower max temps with the radiator off or with the window opened. In other words, this is my absolute max temp in any environment.
From the look of it most likely just more core voltage. Some of the thubans really need a push at the 4.0 mark and you will likely run out of cooling headroom first.
Anything more than 1.45v on the CPU results in 55C max temp, which is the limit. Thus, I'm looking for a configuration where I can reach more OC at 1.45v. if it's possible.
My only suggestion then would be to drop the ram speed and see if that helps. The PII only officially supports 1333 that being said some can reach speeds of 2000 but in the end it'll be easier on the IMC and CPU in general. This might allow for a drop in CPU_NB voltage and reducing heat in the process. The only way to know is to try. In the end you'd be further ahead right where you are and increasing the NB speed IMO.
Anything more than 1.45v on the CPU results in 55C max temp, which is the limit. Thus, I'm looking for a configuration where I can reach more OC at 1.45v. if it's possible.
Bogdan every chip is different so the only way to tell if you're will do 4.0 at under 1.45 cpu V is playing around with it. that said as Ed stated I doubt the Cpu is bottlenecking the 6970. I also don't feel you'll notice any difference at 4.0 from the 3.9 you're already at. You may want to try dropping the ram divider because you're already running them oced as you know, pushing them further may be the cause of the BSOD. If you drop them down and then try upping the FSB and it still freezes it is likely, as johan said that you need more cpu voltage.
Dropping the RAM speed doesn't help. I already tried setting the RAM at 1000mhz, but I didn't consider lowering the CPU-NB Voltage with it. I'll give it a try.

I know the difference from 3.92 to 4.0 is almost 0, but I'm doing it for the OC fun.
I know the difference from 3.92 to 4.0 is almost 0, but I'm doing it for the OC fun.
Gotcha well we can do our best to help you, I've actually been playing around with my 1090t the last few days as well.

So if dropping the Dram divider doesn't help it's likely the Cpu Voltage.
P95 max fpu stress + Unigine Heaven = 54C CPU, 75C GPU max. Room radiator on, ambient temperature high.

It seems that all I can do is upgrading to water cooling, but I would rather buy a SSD. I will still play a little bit with it, maybe I don't need 1.25V CPU-NB and I can make some room for 1.475 CPU Voltage.
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That's all you can do at this point. Like I said earlier about the push, I wouldn't be surprised if it needed closer to 1.5v to cross that hump. Just my opinion but I've seen a few of these CPUs and typically if you're not cruising at 4.0 with 1.45 or less then it's 1.5v+
I've managed to lower the memory timings to 9-9-9-24-33-1T, while keeping the same configuration. P95 blend mode stable 1h+

Current OC:
Bus Speed: 231
CPU: 3927mhz (231 * 17)
CPU Voltage: 1.45v (1.30v + 0.15v offset) - shown in BIOS
HT Link: 2078mhz (231 * 9)
CPU-NB: 2540mhz (231 * 11)
CPU-NB Voltage: 1.25v (1.15v + 0.10v offset) - shown in BIOS
RAM: 1540mhz (231 * 6.66) @ 9-9-9-24-33-1T
RAM Voltage: 1.65v

I've tried lowering the CPU Voltage to 1.425 with the same other parameters, but it is not stable. Maybe I'm luckier with CPU-NB voltage reduction to ~1.2. Just trying to optimize the OC, I have accepted the current OC as final. I think I will overclock the GPU too.
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You did have a bit of room thermally, try to bump the nb speed up one notch and test it, possibly with a touch more volts if necessary. The PII really benefits from a faster NB.
Some of us get roses for cpus and others of us get just the thorny stem. That is the dice roll of cpu purchases. Some will some just will not.

Then I might put that cpu in my CHV mobo and flash backwards to the bioses for Thubans and not FX oriented and bust 4.0Ghz wide open. Nothing is just do A and B and C is the result every time. More cooling would be a bonus as well. Being borderline h0t does not help matters when voltage juggling is hampered. Many many variables to require our attention.
RAM: 1540mhz (231 * 6.66) @ 10-10-10-28(-38-1T)

RAM: 1540mhz (231 * 6.66) @ 9-9-9-24-33-1T

This change isn't really drastic. Also that memory controller probably doesn't like it.

If this Ram is to go Fast opposed to tighter timings, a 2T command rate might make a difference.

Keeping a lower speed (actual mhz I mean) tighter timings would be ideal, but under 800mhz effective should be able to tackle at least Cas 8.....

I wouldn't see the need for more than 1.65v......

If this was mine, I'd try the SPD timing set with a tad tweaking. Something like 9-10-9-27-36 1T under 750mhz can try 2T over 750mhz.

A decent set of mushkins once or a few times in muh rig would easily do 8-8-8-24-32 @ 800mhz 1.5v -

All else fails really, try a 250 bus and a 16x multiplier to take impact off that IMC,

And no problems with good response from 1.5v cpu v-core or more once 4ghz temperatures are manageable say keeping that baby under 52c - aint an easy task.
Right after your message, ShrimpBrime, I changed command rate from 1T to 2T, Bus speed from 231 to 230 (a little assurance) and I have kept these settings 24/7. Therefore, my current configuration is:

Bus Speed: 230
CPU: 3910mhz (230 * 17)
CPU Voltage: 1.45v (1.30v + 0.15v offset) - shown in BIOS
HT Link: 2070mhz (230 * 9)
CPU-NB: 2530mhz (230 * 11)
CPU-NB Voltage: 1.25v (1.15v + 0.10v offset) - shown in BIOS
RAM: 1533mhz (230 * 6.66) @ 9-9-9-24-33-2T
RAM Voltage: 1.65v

I also overclock my video card (Sapphire HD 6970) while playing games, using CCC:
- gpu clock: 880mhz -> 950mhz
- memory clock: 1375mhz -> 1450mhz
- power limit settings: 0% -> 20%

These settings seem stable so far under tests like P95, Heaven and FurMark.

I've noticed significant improvements in gaming performance after this OC in games like Assassin's Creed Unity, Battlefield 4, Crysis 3 and others.

What do you think?

I'm thinking about doing a crossfire with another HD 6970 card. Do you think my PSU can handle this, considering the fact that it is a Enermax NAXN 80+ 600W (86% efficiency) ? (LE: I have already found the answer to this question. It seems that I would need 750-800W for CFX). I do not intend to OC the video cards anymore after the cfx, I will only OC the CPU. This "upgrade" seems beneficial since I've found an used HD 6970 at 130$.
Do you also think that an upgrade from 1090T to 8350 will result in significant performance gain in gaming? My MB is AM3+. I've also found an used FX 8350 at 130$.

I'm looking forward to playing Assassin's Creed Unity at very good settings and FPS and other games which will appear.

My "crave" to OC this CPU (1090T) to 4ghz+ will be back soon, I'm just busy with other things right now.

Thank you!
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Take the money you would spend on the 8350 and get yourself a new PSU, The gain if any with the 8350 would be marginal at best and you would need to upgrade your cooling if you really wanted to benefit from the FX. You should do fine with what you have now.