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New Member
Jul 13, 2001
does anyone know if the 12.90`s work with coolbit`s?i know the 12.40`s would`nt work with coolbit`s.i presently use the 12.00whql drivers.thnx
The 12.90 work fine for me with Coolbits. No Problems at all!
The 12.90 ar IMHO the BEST drivers yet!
CoolBits working great with 12.90 drivers here too. One other thing, what are you guys using to monitor the heat from GF2? I have a Leadtek card and the old WinFox drivers had hardware monitoring software built in, but the latest drivers don't have that cuz I guess all GF2 cards don't have hadrware monitoring... Any suggestions? Reason is cuz I'm obviously OC'ing GF2 and I would like to know what the limit is... (Is it heat related as well?)
Hi all,

I have checked Nvidia web site and I found that the latest drive they have is 12.41 for Win2k! Where can I find 12.90?? Is it finial release?

Could any one help?

Geobronc (Jul 31, 2001 06:51 p.m.):
The 12.90 work fine for me with Coolbits. No Problems at all!
The 12.90 ar IMHO the BEST drivers yet!

If you use the NVmax program you can enable overclocking on WHQL drivers. I'm using the 12.41's and its no problem.
BTW I tried the 12.90's and got some strange artifacts on some menu buttons - it benched better than the 12.41's but I decided it wasn't worth the bugs.
I'm using 12.60 drivers and i know after installing coolbits i didn't have the extra tab for overclocking the video card till i ran the following line at windows run command:

rundll32.exe nvqtwk.dll,NvHWCtl
downloaded the 12.90s., and my performance went down a lot from the certified 6.49s. that's with a gf2 mx400.
I get best perfomance with the 12.90's. I am having some problems though, with the 12.90's I have no options to change any setings at all! What is up with this? Even if I run coolbits, there just arnt any tabs to select from for geforce 2... any help is apreciated!!