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12 inch case fan!!

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Sep 16, 2002
Okay, so maybe it's not ON the case, but it is pointing right at it. I've been using an oscilating room fan pointed at my 90mm side fan for the last month and have been getting REALLY good results! I have it locked in position and when I'm running my highest overclock I turn it on high, and sometimes at default speeds I turn it on low, although at default the comp doesn't need it. Anyone else a cheap loser like me? Am I going to have dust problems? I used to get 70 degrees at full overclock on the CPU (its an ABIT IT7 so subtract about 5 degress), now it hovers at about 55!

you will not notice the dust at first but your temps will start to rise. I am currently using that method to cool my rig until I can finnish my case mod. I do have a one up on you...... I am using a 22" industrial floor fan:cool: it keeps me under 40C most of the time but sounds like a helicopter.
I used to have to have my case open with a normal ocilating house fan pointing right in the case for my computer. I have since installed a plethera of 120 and 80 case fans. 6 total.

so ya I was cheap for a while... it worked so I say why not.

the fans job now is to sit on my window sill and blow cold air into my room so that my case fans have cooler air to blow into my case so my HSF has cooler air...

works great to bring down the ambient temp. but you better put on a sweater.