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12" mini laptops ???

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Jun 27, 2002
Toronto, ON, Canada
Hey guys, i dont like palms or pocket pcs that much, not enough power or storage capability not to mention cd playback is a no go. Common laptops and even those 17" ones are cool, but too bulky already.

Some companies have sorta a perfect standard for me, the 12" laptops which most have cdrw/dvd and are the exact size of a real notebook. I was fooling around Sams club and saw a pair of those cutties... an acer with a 900MHz p3 (cute and small, but i dont like acer that much and 900Mhz sounds already outdated) and a Sony vaio with a p4 1.8GHz 512mb ddr yada yada yada...

To sume it up, im after the following specs on a laptop from most important to least imporant

- 12" inch lcd
- TV output
- At least 1.8GHz cpu (preferably AMD ;) cuz theres no chance of overclocking)
- CDRW/DVD Combo
- 40GB HD
- Reputable brand...

I might do a little gaming but nothing too serious since 800x600 is small enough on this babies... it will be mainly as a portable mp3/cd/dvd/divx ( ;) ) and powerpoint player plugable to any tv with some ocational word processing and dockable internet station. Also a portable hd.

Thnx in advance..
If your asking for recommendations, Sony makes a pretter darn nice one, one of my friends has one.
PhobMX, I was looking for the same thing some time ago, but never could find a suitable solution for the right price. About a year ago Sony offered a notebook called the SR33 IIRC that was about the size you wanted; I was going to buy one for college but I ended up buying a desktop and then getting a clunkier Sony down the line. :( It wasn't a very fast one, though. It had something like a 600mhz Celeron, but it was only $999.

I can't really recommend any particular brand, but I can tell you that if you want small, you're still going to have to pay a LOT for a decent system. You could buy a Via C3 sub-notebook, but that would defeat the purpose of owning it. You wouldn't be able to do much at all.
Here's one that sort of has what you want. http://www.sub300.com/port.htm

But to get all of what you want for less than $1500. Start dreaming boy.... But if all its gonna do is mostly play DVDs and MP3s I would think the P3 acer has enough power to do all that.

It sounds outdated but ask your self do you really need all that power just to play DVDs? Also the more powerfull the computer less battery life gernerly. Just some thoughts...


Just looked at the laptop in the link agian. That one does not have a dvd or cdrom drive in it. You need to add an external one.
i think embeded cdrw and dvdrom is crucial no matter the speed... you are right that a 900mhz p3 is enough for the tasks i want