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12 volt unstable...BAD?

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New Member
Nov 5, 2002
I just built my computer and running the PC Probe software it is showing the + 12v to be at 13.696. The other voltage is pretty steady. But , in the bios it shows 13.21 volts.

My question is, should I buy a new PSU? Are just stay with the one I have. The other voltage like the 1.76 voltage ranges from 1.76-1.80! Is that normal too! Anyways please let me know, I havn't had any problems with the computer yet!
Thanks in advance


May 24, 2002
Not really good. Double check with a multimeter just to be sure though. BIOS readings can be whacky.



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Oct 14, 2001
WOWEE ..... your +12v is 13.696 !!! Man thats abit too HIGH :eek: . Do as AntecRep suggests , and use a m/meter to test your output .


Oct 25, 2002
wow I was just gona post the same problem ....latley ive been gettn some higher temps on my system when at idle but more at load...and ive noticed my 12v goin as high as 13.8 and even with my vcore set at 1.7 it sometimes goes to 1.79...could the 12v increase raise temps also? nothing is OC'd ,I was messn with my FSB a few weeks ago and tried to unlock my processor but it didnt work so I brought everything back to stock..I have a Antec 400watt PSU i forget the model # but it has a 430 in it..lol With the 12v not stable would that effect total system stability?
Thanks alot..
Oh ya and dumb question but how would I check PSU with multimeter ......what wires do I test and what settn do I put the meter on ?