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120mm aluminum panaflos?

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Jun 21, 2001
does anyone know where to get some 120mm ALUMINUM panaflos? ooking for some for my next case and am having a hard time finding them.
I don't think Panasonic makes them anymore, so your best bet is dumpster diving and eBay. I believe they were used in some servers, so you would probably be best off checking old ones.

I've seen them polished up and shiny looking, and they look nice.
yeah i heard they were discontinued. wonder why, they are so sweet. oh well, ill look on ebay and such and aybe get lucky ;-)
ok, well i checked the auctions and sucha nd couldnt find anyrthing. anyone have ideas as to where you might be able to eget old discontinued stuff like he aluminum panaflos. i know joe from teamawe found some a while back and i might try asking him. also, does anyone actually have some? if so, where did you get them?
Hey, i can get them (i belive) theres a place called Wacky Willies, where i live :) they have boxes of them! heheheheh!
wud, are you serious? awesome. do you know if they have a website? yeah i know i can get plastic ones, but i need the aluminums for looks ;-)
One of the best resources for finding the old aluminum 120mm fans are from older style copier machines. Check with your local copy machine dealer, he may have some used one's he'd be willing to part with.....
good idea kingslayer, gonna hit the phone book and make some calls later. thanks for the idea.
They were also used in some IBM PS/2 psu's. I pulled the fans out of 3 old units last week. These were mod 80 servers. Rather dated but working great.