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120mm to 60mm adapter pulling air, amazing result!

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May 29, 2001
Columbus, OH
Hey guys,

I just found out this link

The Review page

it appears that using the largest fan/adapter pulling air from the heatsink works extremely well (6 C drop than pushing air) :eek: ... with good airflow in the case and duct (to direct pulled hot air outside the case), the result might be even better ...

anyone tried this before? :) .. let me know .. I'm running 60mm YS Tech fan 40CFM, and it is so loud .. 48dB .. currently considering the option above ...


Nov 12, 2001
I'm skeptical. I had a 60-80mm on my dragonorb with a stonger fan and it really only help the idle temps.

It's a good idea in principle... The physics involved just plain suck. you're loosing so much pressure and velocity even in that small of a space due to the LARGE diversion of the air...

Take an R/C ductted fan. A HALF INCH differance in diameter over one... two... THREE feet can litirally make a 10-30% perfomance differance. We're also talking many times more air moving.

I'm sure a 120mm fan would be able to just power it's way around that the 80-92mm sized adapters have trouble with, even when they help.

Keep in mind you'll have more airPRESSURE comming of that 60mm YS than I bet you do with a "slow/normal" speed 120mm fan.



May 8, 2002
An cool idea would be to build a small size, high volume compressor.
Sort of a "positive displacement" pump, instead of a fan.
Ofcoz an compressor i also noisy, but maybe an another way more tolerable?

I'm currently working on a pump operating from a speaker, pumping air. Sounds cool ?

I'm currently just using an 6 inch woofer, just to test the theory.
Totally cool, if the processor is not working too hard = low frequancy supplied to woofer, once heat increases so does the frequency. One have to dimension the woofer so the frequency needed doesn't rise above 40-50 Hz, otherwize it will be annoying. Another way is ofcoz to fix the frequency and regulate the throw of the woofa.

The idea is to squeaze more air into a high density heatsink like Alpha's.



Nov 12, 2001
Neat idea pax.

Good luck with it. I won't say anything about what I think cause it might Jinx ya ;)

Intresting electronics to control the frequency tho. That could be useful elsewhere even if it dosn't pan out.