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120x38mm Y.S. TECH

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Jan 25, 2001

I have decided against "Water-Cooling" for now. besides the cost factors it just seems I am not patient enough to deal with condensation issues. I just purchased the fan listed above. I am going to attempt to build or purchase a fan shroud so I can connect it to my FOP38 hs. Does anyone have some suggestions or links for me?
I know of people putting 80mm fans on heatsinks, but I don't believe I've seen a 120mm used. Not to say someone hasn't. Try doping a forum search for fan shrouds and see what you come up with.
A whining YS Tech 120 is overkill for a FOP HS. Try a good 80mm fan and just stretch the fan clips to hold it in place. Put the 120 at the front of your case or in a blowhole instead.
I had hoped to get a little better response...maybe my title sucked?
Well I have the prototype built (Cardboard, Duct Tape and a Printout). I am going to have this project completed in less then a month. I am going to do it right. The 120 will pull air thru an opening in the side of my case and the shroud will force the air directly on the HS. If the FOP38 HS ends up keeping me from obtaining lower temps then I will upgrade to copper. Follow this link to see the prototype...

You are on the right track, but that may be a bit of overkill. The Sanyo-Denki 92x32 55cfm is a lot quieter and pushes a good amount of air. Besides, it's not such a big deal opening the case 80mm knockou to 92mm as it is fitting a 120mm in there. Either way, I eagerly await your results. Keep that duct as smooth as possible and no hard turns.

How dare you people say overkill. That's not supposed to be in the vocabulary of an overclocker. A funneled duct would be a good way to compress air into a more cohesive stream if you don't mind the fan noise.
Overkill? Check the front page on the guy who put a 170 CFM blower over his swiftech. He got some nice temps.

Now pardon me while I go kick a dead horse.
Yeah, that is kind of hypocritical now that you mention it. Nevertheless, I have tried just about every axial fan made and nothing compares to the Sanyo-Denki 92x32mm 55 cfrm. I don't give out compliments to axial fans very often, if ever. This one is an exception.

That article is at: http://www.overclockers.com/tips461/index.asp

You can get those Sanyo-Denki 92x32mm 55cfm fans at http://www.millisec.com

just one thing, the 120 has a big "dead zone" where the fan is attached and has no airflow. Wouldn't attaching a 120 increase the deadzone which sits right over the core and hamper cooling? Just a thought. BTW, and neat solution to this was one guy forgot the site who tapped two of the 60mm YS Tech Fans and attached them to the hsf, thus no dead spot. Got a few extra degrees C out of it, and some more speed.