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12v vs 13.5v PSU for TEC

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Sep 6, 2003
Ok I was looking at the meanwell site and they make a 298watt 13.5volt PSU. I was thinking that this would be perfect for running a TEC because from what I understand they are rated for 14v correct? The next closest one that they have is a 15v so I figure a little under is better then over?


Mar 28, 2001
The Netherlands
You should buy a TEC before you buy/build a PSU, as TEC's come in many different flavors.

Most TEC's that are commonly used for CPU cooling are rated for 15-17V or 24-25V.

There are also TEC's that are rated for as little as 0.85V or as much as 30.8V, I'm pretty sure some others 'need' (can handle) even more voltage.

I think most meanwell PSU's can be adjusted by ~10%+/-, so a 15V PSU may not be such a bad idea.

AFAIK overvolting a TEC is usually not a good idea, while they may perform better, their efficiency drops significantly, not to mention their life span.

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.