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133 fsb with 166 mem

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Jun 22, 2002
Asheville, NC
well the title dosnt explain this too well but it will grab more attention nee ways i think...

if i put the 166 option on (for runnign mem at 166 with 133 FSB or 100 FSB) and i have my FSB at 170 dose it run? if so how would it work... i dont think it dose but why not?:D :eh?: :D
How about this... why don't you restart your computer, go into bios, and set those settings. Save and exit bios, let the computer boot up.

Come back in 5 minutes and tell us if it worked or not.
Does this set the ratio? I never knew how to set/change the ratio for the mem to bus. Mine is 1/1x, but I'm sure this is in the BIOS.
well i have tried it and i dotn see a bit gain... it still boots... so i dont think it dose but... i was wondering more why or why dosnt itgive he gain... or is it even doing any thing? thats all:D :eh?: :D
first all mobos arent the same as u know.heres my point of veiw.
might even be wrong.
but yeh its the same as my 4:5 ratio i have.133 fsb on the cpu 166 on the memory.
i can use the 4:5 ratio upto 149 system fsb,i get 184 memory fsb.
my corsair does it somehow. best way is to check in sisoft sandra.it gives all the specs its running at.

theretically running memory asyncerous (sp) would be a big gain. its not bad but doesnt compare to running the cpu higher fsb.

149fsb @4:5 ratio on mem 184mem fsb is about 200 lower in memory bandwith than the same MHZ but at a higher fsb.even tho the memory is running slower fsb syncrenous with the cpu.
180fsb on system gets higher mem bandwith scores,becouse the path that is between the cpu and the memory is larger.if the fsb is low the cpu cant access it fast enough.so u open it up with the fsb on the cpu.

intel has the opposite problem with the p4. it can access its memory with larger fsb.533 stock. but its cpu cant use it all.