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133 mem speed on KT7A

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Feb 4, 2001
How does one get the advertised 266 mem speed?
There is nothing obvious in the bios unless I just missed it.
I've already set the bus speeds with the mem set at 134 and the FSB at 101. I just don't see in Sandra where the mem speed has gone from the 133 to 266.
Also my mem benchmark scores in Sandra are only 7 or 8 points above a A7V machine I have setup.
Anyone with a KT7A board have any thoughts.
The Duron / Tbird fsb is DDR 'pumped' it means Double Data Rate. Therefore a 100mhz ddr is sometimes referred to as 200mhz. Dont let this confuse you.

Your KT7A is a 133mhz fsb board, and cuz of its DDR fsb it is advertised as "266mhz" Sandra reports the true freq.

This board uses sdram, not DDR memory bus. You can run your mem = fsb or fsb+pci. In non oc'ed situation this means 100/133mhz.

You should use the high fsb of this board when overclocking and run your fsb as high as possible with memory set = fsb. You might have to use lower multiplier than defult to get there. This setup should do 145mhz fsb, and then your memory scores will look good.

If you are interested in performance this link is a must read for all KT7 owners. This is for the older version, but the memory tweaks are the same.