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1424 3dmark 2000 score...

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Bobby Manus

Dec 17, 2000
Southern California
I have a geforce 2 ultra, oced to 315mhz core and 525mhz ram speed. My commputer is at 150mhz fsb. I have anti aliasing set to 9x and force for all applications enabled, but still shouldnt i be in more like 4000+ range? Could the fact that my mobo is only 2x agp be a bottleneck? I have 256mb ram runing cas 2 at 150mhz... p3 933mhz... In general my fps are resonable but not geforce 2 ultra insanly highs...
that is a funny score mate. You should be getting in the 7000+ range more like. It won't be the agp set at 2x on your motherboard as that doesn't make that much difference. What do you mean by it's ok in games. what exacly are your fps in games and if they're good it doesn't matter what a benchmark tells you. You should be getting at least 70fps in most games.
If not, try disabling all overclocking and reset the graphic card defaults. see what you get then and report back,

for the longest time i was not overclocked. I would get just over 1200 in 3dmark 2000. As for games, in halflife I can get 100fps (the max) but usually when people come on screen it lowers to about 70. Geforce 2 ultras should be so high that they are still 100fps even with 20 people on screen in such a non graphicly demanding game. Im tribes 2 I get anywhere from 20 to 60. 20 is outside with maybe a few people in a fight and 60 is generally inside with noone. Also 384 megs of ram did not improve the performance to even make a noticible difference.
I must tell you.......THAT SUX!

with my duron 750 @ 976 6 X 162, and my VooDoo3 3000 AGP @ 188, i get a 3dmark2001 score of 1880. I detroyed your geforce2 ultra. Try getting the other detonators.
Firstly, Anti-Aliasing on pushes scores down (notice the default benchmark has AA off, "No AA").

Also, pushing the core too high will cause memory bottlenecks as the GPU is trying to send more data through the card than the memory can handle.
Overclocking the ultra did help, before hand I got 1240... I think the mobo is a factor being a cheap shuttle board but that will all be over soon once I get a nice new rocking AMD system! Also just in case you guys were wondering here are the other system specs

p3 933mhz
shuttla av-11 mobo (2x agp max)
visiontek gf2 ultra
256mb pc133 cas 2 ram
IBM Deskstar 75gxp
pc128 sound blaster
cheapy D-Link network card
cheap creative 52x cd-rom (auto detect turned off, heard if on can lower performance)

Pretty sure I didnt miss anything... Its a rocking system but incredibly low scores. Also only certain sets of drivers work. I need the second to newest via 4in1 drivers and the newest detonater 3 drivers or it will not work at all. These silly incompatabilitys and low performances I think will all end after I get new mobo.
You sure do have something that aint right there.

Based on your specs, I would agree that your motherboard is the
likely problem.
(I get around 2500-2600 3dm 2000 score with my TNT2 card !)

I am sure that the AGP 2x/4x issue is not your problem.
Although performance gains when going from 2x to 4x will vary
a bit depending upon mb chipset, video card ect., I dont think
I have heard of anyone getting any real significant gains from

On my system, if I get the AGP 4x enabled, I only gain about 5 to
10 points on my 3dmark 2000 score, and both Unreal Tournament
and Unreal Gold lock up with 4x on.

At AGP 2x, everything is stable. I get an average FPS around 60
in UT.

Good luck.
I have anti aliasing 9x (highest) enabled and force in all aplications just becuase it looks beter... But even then my score seem low to me. And vsync is disabled all though disabling it wnt help me becuase I have a good monitor...
That would explain your low score. AA takes off a lot of FPS, which would take off a lot of points. Use the default benchmark or compare your score and settings with others similiar to your system on the online result browser
I also have Minmap detail level on "best image quality" which also hinders performance a bit... But still my setup never worked to its potential...