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150+FSB on SDRAM??

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Nov 13, 2001
Oh Yeah !

The Mushkin PC133 Rev2, I'm using will do 150. But my current PS is the pits. The Rev3 PC133 is guaranteed to do 150.



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Aug 13, 2001
Deep Blue Sea (Maryland)
i've tried a few PC133 or PC150 (they said!) in the past.

Muskin PC133, Crucial PC133, OCZ PC150. none of them could do true 150FSB (or more) @ CAS 2.

and i'm thinking of KingMax PC150 right now......any input 'bout it??? :rolleyes:


Jul 17, 2001
Denver, Colorado
I've got some RAM that appears to be Micron that I got labeled generic at local store that does 165mhz 2-2-2 flawlessly- I bet it would go higher, but my CPU won't.

And I have some Crucial that came straight from their online store that tops out at 155 2-2-2.

And I have some PNY and other assorted 'bargain' RAM that won't go past 133 under any circumstances.

I really think that luck has a lot to do with it. Notice that even Mushkin doesn't REALLY guarantee their RAM will do 150- they send you a new stick if yours don't do 150, and keep replacing them until you have one that does.

I think the key is just to avoid no-brand RAM, and stay away from the super duper deals on pricewatch if you want good RAM for OC.


Dec 30, 2000
my ocz ram does 150 at fastest mem settings at cas 2but i dont have enough juice to keep my cpu that high, heck when i had my duron i could get a 170 fsb at fastest settings with cas 2 and topped at 180 but that was at cas 3 and slow mem settings


Feb 16, 2002
Cordova, TN
I can run my Infineon memory @150MHz, CAS 2. With slower settings I can run it at 154MHz (the limit on my Celeron). I also like the Tonicom PC-166 256MB sticks I purchased for $25 about a year ago.


Mar 1, 2001
Fort Wayne, IN.
My ram does

My OCZ pc150 does 155 @ 2-2-2 w/o voltage and 163 @ 2-2-2 with a voltage increase and maybe higher but my agp can't take it. plus the OCZ is cheaper than mushkin.


Aug 19, 2001
How high you do depends on whether you use one stick or two, and also on the motherboard. I've done extensive testing on a BE6-II Ver. 2.0 with a CPU that will hit 160 (maybe higher, haven't tried, since I'm only interested in 2-2-2) and this is what I found:

Crucial PC-133 CAS2: one stick 128 MB will do 153 2-2-2

Mushkin Rev. 3.0: one stick 128 MB will do 160 2-2-2, but not stable in 3D, will only do this at 155 2-2-2

PowMem (7 ns Infineon, same as Mushkin Rev. 3.0 but different PCB): two sticks 256 MB will do 150 2-2-2, one stick will do 155 2-2-2

KingMax PC-150: one stick 512 MB will do 144 2-2-2 on a P3V4X (144 FSB is the limit of the CPU I tested on), but won't even do 150 3-3-3 on a BE6-II when all the other ram above did 2-2-2 easy

When I say the ram above will hit those max settings, I run 3DMark2001, 3DMark2000, the IL-2 Sturmovik tracks, and the Serious Sam 2nd Encounter demos. If they can pass all this, I've found they are pretty much stable in 3D. I run the latter two tests at 1600x1200 on a Radeon 8500, all settings maxed out.

I really doubt you will find any SDRAM that will do 160-166 at 2-2-2, and I mean STABLE IN 3D! You will either have to drop to 3-3-3 or try running 3DMark2001, bet you it will lock up every time. I have some Tonicom I bought a year ago but it is at my stateside address, but I really doubt it will do it either.

And I know the SDRAM is the limitation since I did my testing on a Voodoo5 PCI also, so the high AGP bus on the BE6-II was not a factor.

I also found that you can set the ram to 2-2-2 in the BIOS, and you can boot at 160+ and think the system is stable, but check Sandra and it will say the memory is actually running at 3-2-2 or 3-3-3. It seems some motherboards/BIOSs will cut back on the memory settings on its own.

As expected, one stick 128 MB will overclock higher than one stick 256. So maybe you can get one stick 128 MB stable in 3D at 160 2-2-2, but try playing IL-2 Sturmovik, Ghost Recon, Serious Sam 2nd Encounter, or MOHAA at 1600x1200 with only 128 MB.


Mar 24, 2001
Ontario Canada
150FSB was no prob on any cheep PC133 generic stuff i got from my local store. shouldnt be hard to find some crutical/micron make some nice stuff.