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156 watt peltier???

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Dec 31, 2000
just wondering what size power supply you were using with your 156 watt peltier. Please start a thread, for those of you using two power supplies please note that as well. I have a 431 Watt psu (enermax) and was curious if it would work with a 156W peltier considering I have 2 hard drives, 3 rom drives and 5 120mm fans running off of the power supply already.
I *think* the general rule of thumb concerning TECs is that you want a dedicated PSU for them. You also want to make sure that it fits the specs, as I believe most 156's run off something like 18 or 24 volts or something like that and PC PSUs only has at max 12v. You should also check the amperage on the leads to make sure it works right.
The only Enermax that will run this pelt is a 651 and mine died after five weeks doing it, taking my prize KT7-R with it.
156 watts is ALOT of power to draw,,You would probally be best suited to dedicate the 430 enermax to the peltier,and get a smaller for your computer.

Do you really want a 15 amp surge going through the same power supply as your mainboard?????Not me!
The 156 watt pelt requires 11 amps. You can short a pelt on voltage, but don't short it on current.
They have other power supplies, I was just using mine as an example.
I believe I have seen a 24v @ 24a there for around 40-50 bucks. Maybe it was 12v, I dunno. But they are adjustable...
Power one on sale at ebay, very cheap 19.95 adjustable from 12- 15 v @ 350 continous watts. I'm currently using power one and it run 2 peltier (156 and 36 watts) and all the fans.
Sorry to tell that , but a 156 W peltier is not intended to be mounted on
a processor. A Peltier is a heat pump : if you cannot dissipate this quantity of heat you'll burn your proc ...
dissipation? Oh, you mean the two dangerden cube radiators with (4) 120mm fans in a push/pull setup on them and three additional 120mm fans setup in my server case