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1600+ Agoia Y

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Jul 3, 2002
Dixon, California
hey, I got an Agoia -y 1600+, and I was wondering if the error I was getting was from ram or my cpu. The situation: I am able to get my system at 10.5 x 166, and my ram is pc2100 Crucial, I can get that stable 100%. If I bump it to 170, windows wont start it says it can't find certain system files. I assume this is the Ram crapping out, am I correct? If so, I need to buy some pc2700, or pc3200.
id find out your divider (ie. 1/4 1/5) for being at 170FSB, as it could be the hard drive too, just something else to think about...
as with all 8k3a's, the divider is 1/5. so, at 166 the PCI and AGP shoots back down to default, and at 170, its not a big enough change to corrupt any data.
ofcourse, it was at 1.850 for that FSB, that should be plenty, since at 166, the vcore was at 1.825, and it was 100% stable. I also upped the VDIMM to +.20, I belive its at 2.8.
if your chip is burned in enough...you should easily be able to run 1.8 ghz at stock voltage...anyway

get new ram, thats your problem...xms pc3200 cas 2...btw, what week is your chip
I dont know all the exact models... I just checked to make sure it was AGOIA, than to check if it was Y, and it was.. so I slapped that puppy in. I'll check it when I unlock this S.O.B
Ok, got it at 1743 (10.5x166) at stock, but windows was a bit unstable, so I upped the voltage to 1.775, works great. I didn't wanna lower the fsb, cuz at 166 this mobo utilizes 1/5 divider.
yea, i have the 8k3a+...works great...im gonna unlock the chip soon, and hopefully can run it at 8.5 x 225..if my other stuff can hold up..might have to buy a new nic card, but who knows..we will see when its unlocked