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17" Monitor suggestions?

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Jan 29, 2003
Well, I had originally planned to get a 19" screen for college, however I recently got my housing info and they suggest no larger than a 17" or I may have space issues on my desk. So, I'm looking for the best 17" CRT I can get. I love LCD's and would go with one if I could get one that would handle hard core gaming AND fit within my budget :)

So, I was looking through the forums and a lot of people seem to like Samsung brand CRT's. Unfortunately, I can't find any 17" on their site to get specs. I have, however, found some good deals on Viewsonic's P75F+B, which is their top of the line 17" display. The only drawback is that it's aperture grill, which many of you have said that you don't like. So, does anyone have any other suggestions for me? I've never used an aperture grill display before.........are the two lines really that noticeable?
I truly am looking for the best because I know how important a good screen is. Thanks in advance for all your help!


Aug 23, 2002
well you said you liked lcd's. Benq makes a great one 500:1 contrast ratio with 16ms response time.
there is also a 30$ rebate and you should be able to get one for just under 400 shipped. more than a crt but much easier on the eyes. I don't see any ghosting playing games but then again I don't play all that much, just madden gta3 and simcity 4.
If thats too pricey i'd go for any monitor with a sony trinitron tube. they are tops in my book. I picked up a 1 yr old IBm with a trinitron for a hundred bucks at a computer show.

edited for spelling: typing with a broken finger sucks :bang head