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1700+ w/ rirga 0235 stepping.. any idea?

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Oct 24, 2002
1700+ w/ RIRGA 0235 stepping.. any idea?

I have just got a batch of 1700+ w/ RIRGA 0235 stepping.. does anyone know about this stepping..

it looks like 2200+.. and feels like 2200+ .. but it is 1700+.. my guess are that AMD just mark it down to 1700+ to fulfill the market need.. but .. I try it w/ 166Mhz and it does not run.. (maybe I didn't try hard enough).. however have not yet unlock..

if anybody know.. please let me know..
It maybe is a tbred core with a new stepping.. try first with 145 mhz fsb and if it works great increase in 3 mhz... GL ;)
I think you mean AIRGA

They come unlocked. Just change it in BIOS and up the V-Core to 1.7v they are a bit stuborn.

it is tbred A.. I think.. I don't think it is B.. for sure.. and I think it is lock too... I will try it more..
the default voltage of that chip is 1.5v, and appearantly 1.5 isn't enough for the chip to make it to 166x11 = 1826, up the voltage to 1.7 and see what happens.
ALL the Tbreds are unlocked, it doesn't matter what stepping, or whatever, THEY ARE unlocked. try to change the multi to 10.5 and see if it gets recognized as a XP1600+. if it does its unlocked, if it doesn't try different multies, and if it doesn't work check to see if the L1 bridges are intact.
I just received my $58 1700+ TBred from Newegg today. Will hook it up this weekend. My GF wants to see the process, (I guess I'm lucky in that regard). Anyways, processor stepping is



btw until you have seen one of the cores for yourself, you just can't really imagine the size of the new cores. Brings to light the meaning of a "die shrink!"
yep, i got the exact same one you did from newegg but my motherboard doesn't wanna work with it thanks to the C130 resistor that I have to remove to get it to work (which I dont want to do). Anyone wanna trade this chip for a 1600+ AGOIA or whatnot? =)
ooh a new stepping post results...

i think the newest tbred a steppin is AIUGA

it makes me wonder why AMD is still producing tbred A's wouldnt it be easier just to switch the whole thing to tbred b?
I think the RIRGA are better overclockers basing it on the fact that theres 2200+'s with the exact same steppings and weeks.

Please let me know how yours overclocks, I'll be getting mine by monday or tuesday so i'll let you know then.