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1700xp unlock or not

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New Member
Nov 2, 2002
do i need to unlock my 1700xp to get more if so where do i get the info for this

Thank yo
If you unlock it, it allows for higher FSB. That way you can raise the FSB and lower the multiplier. Also go here and click on workshop from in there you should be able to find what you need to know.
as klownin79 said, Unlocking your chip will allow you to run at higher fsb if you lower your multiplier. Unlocking doesn't necessarily mean you'll gain 100mhz or more in your o/c. Maybe 10-20mhz at the most if any gain at all.
will lower the mulitplier reduce heat on the cpu or cause it to run safer right now just playing with it i have it at

FSB 133
Freq 1mhz stepping at 145
CPU ratio 14.0x

and am being told by system that its at 1594mhz

with the cover off of pc its at 43c

i have a dragon plus mobo 256 ddr (2100) megs
and a G4 440 64 megs ddr video card.

thank you guys for the input just wanting to make sure that if i ocerclock that i do it as safe as possible.
You should be safe as long as your temps don't get too high. What chipset is your dragon Plus? (KT266a, KT333, KT400?) If you have a KT333 or KT400, you might not have to unlock at all if you've got good cooling. With good cooling, many reach 11X166 without problems.