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1800+ OC problem with 3dmark

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Mar 5, 2002
First off, let me admit that I am an OC'ing newb.

I have yet to unlock my 1800+ xp and I am attempting to overclock using only the fsb speed. I have only tried up to around 145 with a vcore of 1.85v and windows xp boots with no problems and I can browse the web or whatever with no problems. However, any time I try to run 3dMark2001 se (see graphics card specs in sig) with my fsb overclocked any more than 1 or 2 mhz, my system freezes. Anyone have any ideas on what is going wrong?:mad: :mad: :mad:
First off, welcome to the forums. Good to have ya. And getting down to buisness...

Maybe I'm reading this wrong...but try to turn the clock on your card down and your FSB up. Find a happy medium between the two and you should be...um...jumbo golden :)

*edit* also if you can fill me in on your temps...that would help also.
System is running around 25C idle and 28 loaded
CPU is running 41.5C idle and 47 loaded

Thats running the cpu at 1.65 ghz
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Those temps are pretty good...go with turning the video card clock down and the FSB up...find that happy medium and then we'll see if it gets better.
You may need to unlock the chip in order to get a stable higher speed. after unlocking it you can lower your multiplier and raise the fsb for awesome performance increase, I am currently running an 1800+ @ 1715 163 fsbx10.5 and it runs great!!!
folded all night max temp 35.5c loaded I also ran 3dmark at the same time to induce a crash and it didn't and got 8202 score in the process:D
Something that helped me is to turn the texture format (in 3d mark 2001)from compressed to 32 bit, A lot less crashes. Your card is running pretty fast, I cant go higher than 200/480 with the xp1800 @ 12X143:)
Your problem could be your memory. I have an XP1700 with a Visiontek Ti200 that I just got last week. The system also has 1 256m stick of crucial 2100ddr. I had the memory timings optimized and the AGP apture size set to 128m. Put the Ti200 in and 3dmark wouldnt even get through the first test without crashing. I changed the AGP apture to 64m and it ran fine.

Then I overclocked the video card and the crashes started again. Then I changed the sdram cycle length from 2 to 2.5 and 3dmark ran fine again. Seems to be a limitation of the RAM.
ive got a strange problem thats similar to what you guys are talking about.inorder to run 3dmark 2001 ive got to set my aperture in bios to 128.however with this setting i get lockups while browsing the net,mouse cursor moves but thats it.i can play online games all day no prob.its just when browsing with ie6.when i set aperture to 64 i cant run 3dmark.it gets to nature scene and fps go way down and then i get a "e_out of memory"error.but i can brows the net for ever without any problems.i just cant run 3dmark 2001.its kanda strange,any comments?

epox 8kha 10-31-01 bios
1800 xp
256 megs corsair 2400 cas 2
visiontek geforce 3
420 watt nspire ps
win 98se
56k zoom usb modem
audigy sound card
no overclocking
38c idle 42c load