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1800xp overheating woes... need input

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New Member
Sep 30, 2002
chicago, IL
I was having a bit of trouble keeping my non-overclocked 1800 cpu under 60C a while back, and today upgraded the fan from a Volcano 6 to a Volcano 9. The fan is much bigger and blows tons more air than the old one, but the temps still remain right around 60C. This is with the Volcano 9 running full blast as the default setting, no sensors involved. I verified the rpm's with MBM 5. I'm totally dumbfounded as to why I can't keep my temps normal. It seems most of you have much lower temps than I do, even some overclocked chips run cooler than mine. The fan is installed properly, square and snug on the cpu. I'm only using a thin layer of grease, just thick enough to coat the metal ID tag on the top of the cpu. Any thoughts or advice is welcome. Thanks. :mad:
Did you check the temps in your BIOS? I've noticed that they seem to be a little more accurate than MBM5. See what they say.. If they say 60C, then I would try reseating the HSF and try to get a little more airflow through the case.

Also, try blowing cool air (maybe from open window on cool night) on the HSF and see if the temp changes.. if not, you may have a faulty temp sensor. Try using a digidoc or a compunurse if you can get one..

Or, try using a radio shack, or other, indoor/outdoor thermometer. Just get the "outside" lead as close as possiable to the core... you may have to strip the protective coating to get it in there... I saw a mod like this... does someone have the linky to it? Its time for me to leave work and I have an hour drive home... I'm sure someone will find it before I get home...

Good luck
Let me post an update to my situation. I just installed and ran Asus Probe that came with my motherboard, and it's reading the cpu temperature to be 4 degrees cooler than what MBM 5 is showing. The BIOS reading also seems to agree with Asus Probe. I thought MBM 5 was the most accurate program as far as that goes.
Even with a 4c drop, your temps are still hovering around 55c. with a volcano 9 that still seems too high. you sure you used enough paste? I had a similar problem before and adding a little more paste solved it. Also, Im unfamilar with the Asus board, but if the mobo temp probe is under the cpu, make sure its touching it properly.
And like palee72 suggested make sure your air flow is good. my old 1800 ran 6c hotter in my wifes case than mine simply because her case sucked.:eek: but even if your case has bad air flow, your temps seem too high still to me. my 1800 on a volcano 6cu+ stayed around 44c under load.