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19 inch budget flatscreen--Samsung 955DF or AOC 9klr?

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Jun 4, 2001
I think the subject should say it all. I'm looking to upgrade and I'd like one of these 2. I'm open to suggestions, but I'd like something similar. I know the samsung has a slightly better resolution, but it appears that the aoc has slightly better refresh rates. I'm really curious as to how much this slight dot pitch difference will make. I've read that the samsung's actual diag dot pitch is around .24 while the aoc's is said to be .25. If anyone has either of these monitors, I'd love to know more.

Also, I've seen tons upon tons of reviews on the 955df and no one seems to dislike it too strongly, but I couldn't find ANYTHING about the aoc ANYWHERE except the mfg's info. Anyone have any idea why? Thanks a lot for any advice.

I've been living with an AOC Spectrum 5E for a few years now so I'm obviously not terribly picky, but while i have the choice, i'd like to go for the best. Thanks a lot for any advice.
I have a 955DF, and I don't have much to go by,(it was replacing a 15" Compaq I bought for $50.00) I've been really happy with it. Hasn't given me the slightest trouble, and my games look great.
explorer said:
What price range are you looking at?

Well, I'm planning on buying from techonweb.com due to what i've heard as well as the prices. The samsung is $198 and the AOC is $180 there. The shipping is $41. So overall, I'm hoping for a little under $250 shipped.
I had the 955 DF and I returned it for a Sony Tritron after 5 days. The samsung made a lot of my games look like crap like StarCraft and some others, so thats why I returned it. I love my Sony its the best. I dont think Ill ever go to another brand. At least not for a long time
I have the samsung 955df and I am very happy with it. If I had the money I might like to have a sony but dont have the dough for one