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1950x with enermax liqtech 360 will it work?

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Oct 17, 2018
Hi all, new here appreciate the hive minds help!

A bit of what has happened first:

So yeah I assembled my 1950x machine, unfortunately only starting to read about the issues with the cooler once it didnt seem to work.

Yeah its stupid, but the issue the 1st gen liqtech has isnt common with other AIOs afaik and I only saw the great reviews before, esp gamersNexus one. Also there isnt really an alternative. I had trouble with AIOs before so I was anxious though.

Anyway, 1st time turn on my machine, LED on the pump lights, fans spin, but pump block heats to 70C instantly. After a couple of more try I had to admit to myself Im ****ed.
This is when I started reading up on the pump on newEgg Amazon etc and by now half of the reviews are about the clogged up units.

Didnt see a point in returning it, I guess after waiting who knows how long I would get a same faulty unit.

I decided to disassemble.

A word of advice to anyone who tries this product: Before you install take the unit to your bathroom and slowly open one or both of the drain ports and let out pressure. As far as I know these aios arent designed to withstand any kind of internal pressure right? Like maybe at very high temp there could be some change in the fluids volume but negligible?

Anyway mine had such massive pressure in it it squirted fluid 10 meters away when I opened it. After complete disassembly I saw that one of the fluid routs were completely blocked so thats why it wasnt cooling at all.

I cleaned it out removed the minor amount of corrosion. I bought some aalpha cool clear ckc fluid because its adwertised that it prevents(not completely I guess) mixed metal or galvanous corrosion.

Tested the pump dry it was running, tested the rads they werent clogged heat up nicely everywhere, left it to run to see if it def didnt leak.

My rad is inside the case with fans pushing through it.

Reassembled, applied paste accordingly and now it runs.

My question:

I did a 4Ghz oc with 1.4325V and the system was super stable and super fast. The problem is the temps were around 80C and fans going on max on full loads in Arnold or cinebench.

I saw a lot of people have 50C with this cooler at 4Ghz or at least I think. So I guess there must be something wrong here. One tricky thing though is I saw in the comments for this vid:

For asus mobos there are settings that offset the Tdie temp readings by -20C. I hope the people getting low temps with 4Ghz isnt because of this?


Could it be the fluid?

Is it possible that the pump is week or faulty after all?

Or is this what the enermax is capable of?

I have great temps at stock speed so the unit is working somewhat. Im running the pump from a molex conn. so it should be on full power constantly?

Anyway let me know if need more info, any help is welcome! Thanks
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Um sorry I was looking for the Cooling thread but didnt find it... untill now. Is it possible to move this post?
Refresh my memory. Did Asus offset the temp sensor calibration to correct for temp reporting being too high or the other way around?

Have you tried using Ryzenmaster to monitor temps? It's AMD's own tool.
Not sure if its an intended setting or a bug but the effect is that the Tctl temp becomes closer to reality but Tdie is false, like 12C in a 23C room at idle. All I know is whats in the comments under the vid I linked.
So it sounds like the Asus offset patch added some to the net temp reading to make it more realistic.
Well, not sure what you mean but, after adjusting certain settings in bios your temp readings will be ~20c LOWER, even in bios.
If you read the comments under the linked video it also tells you which settings to change to get normal readings again.

This is dangerous of course because temp failsafes wont really work I guess.
The TR CPU have a fairly large offset. If you use the newest HWinfo 64 it'll display two temps tctl which has the off set and tdie which is the actual temp. AMD did this to aid in cooling so the XFR will respond with higher frequencies. Your CPU is likely running at ~ 55° but the offset makes it appear much worse
Ok, so we are getting a bit far from my original questions and post, which was about the enermax cooler and if it was operating ok.

Please see comments below the linked video regarding asus bios issues.

Im of course aware of the tdie and tctl dif. When I was refering to my temps I should have mentioned that im talking about actual temp, Tdie readings in hwinfo.
your on the right track with running a higher quality fluid in it.
1 you should never run your pump dry it will ruin the impeller. you may have a damaged the pump now.
2 when you drained the fluid did you drain all of it? if not you should do that asap. once its completely drained flush it out until you see nice clean water coming out(just use tap water).
3 you want to run something glycol based in it to avoid anymore corrosion or gunk plugging it up. your rad is aluminum and your block is copper so galvanic corrosion is going to happen. a glycol based fluid will keep the corrosion at bay but you will have to follow the manufacturers guidelines for flushing and filling(usually 2-3 yrs).
the easiest cheapest fluid is swiftechs hyderx and distilled water(dont add anything else to the fluid). koolance also has a fluid which is pre-mixed containing propylene glycol which is supposed to be formulated specifically for mixed metal loops.
i would also take a look at ek. i believe they have a mixed metal solution as well.
Hey, thanks for the input.

I only powered on the pump part momentarily, when it was disassembled, to see if it does anything at all.

Did all other things you mentioned, thanks. Actually filling the system up again was quiet tricky.

Anyway, theoretically with a perfect cooler unit and perfect contact between ihs and block:

What is a normal temp for a 1950 under heavy load at 4 Ghz oc?

I haven't heard about any issues with these AIO. I have 280 unit and it works without issues since premiere. Enermax should replace it if there is any issue or you can get money back if next unit is the same. Matter of contact with support.

When you enter BIOS then CPU temp will be about 65-70°C, not matter if you OC the CPU or not. It's because in BIOS, power saving mode is not working. In OS you should have about ~30°C idle, ~45-50°C during typical mixed load and about 60-65°C max under full load.
If software adds offset then it will be +25°C on TR. Check it with hwinfo64 as it will show both values.

When CPU is overclocked and at about 1.42-1.45V you may see 80°C+ on this CPU under load so with offset will be ~105°C. At least on my 1920X, it looks like that and temps are about the same on 1950X.
On my 1920X I have to set 1.4125V to stabilize 4.1GHz. Average chips need as much at 4GHz. Auto voltage is up to 1.45V. Temps are being affected almost only by CPU voltage.

Regardless if it's 360 or 280 radiator, results are not much different.
Thanks for your input.

Ok so my temps seem to be similar to yours.
The cooler is a really well made unit to be honest, its really simple to service and take apart.
If you are not aware about any problems with this cooler I would quickly run through reviews on newegg and Amazon. If based on that you feel all is ok than thats that.
But if there is a slight chance your cooler is similarly defective then almost all of them you are potentially running a time bomb in your sys.
The 2 main problems is that factory filled fluid heavily corrodes the unit from the inside and this reaction generates a gas. So the effect is you have a weakening structure with a strengthening pressure inside. Not a good combo.
Anyway not trying to be the smart one here but this is a potentially dangerous and costly issue.
I guess I will replace my rig before anything happens. Recently I switched to the smallest Noctua cooler ... just because it's small and during typical work it's silent anyway. That Enermax AIO was review sample so not a big problem.
Interested in what you ended up going with... Just posted about help for a AIO Water Cooler for my 1950x and thought about Enermax but not so sure with some of the feedback. I have read that version 2 of Enermax is improved but not sure