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1g celly / 1,1g celly

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Oct 20, 2002
I am in need of a new proc and can't decide which one I should buy. My mobo, Abit VL6, only supports a proc up to 1.1ghz (no tualatine). I am planning to run the proc at a 133mhz bus and possibly above with my Dragon Orb3 + 80mm fan. At the moment, I am running a 733 mhz p3 @ 825mhz and load temps are around 28-30 C, so I'm sure my h/f can handle the new proc.

What all this is leading up to is, well...which proc is worth my money.

I would also like to know how these two procs hold up to a 1g p3.

thanx for all the advice, in advance.

on the Celeron tualatin will hold upto the P3 1Ghz, as it has the same L2 cahce size....

you may be able to mod your MB for the tualatin, but if now...
Not worth buying a 1.1 Coppermine Celeron, as you will not notice any difference in speed from what you already have
I dont think that the VL6 even supports tualatines.
The bios sais that it supports a 1.133ghz processor. I think this is one of those unheard of p3's. Will it work, how much is it, does it perform well, and how high will it oc.
1.13 P3 was recalled by intel, so you wont find one.....
and as for overclocking it if you do find one, well it came overclocked and had errors (linux compile) as a result, so no overclocking with that CPU at all....

VL6 doesnt support Tualatins, but if you dont mind modding your motherboard, it can be made to work