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1G ram in one stick?

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Nov 29, 2001
Toronto, Canada
hey guys, a lot of mobo say they support maximun 3G of ddram (with 3 slots), but out on the market the biggest one is 512m per stick. is there such a thing of 1G ram in one stick? are they expensive and where can i get them?

ya, they make them...very expensive though, i think they are up around 400 bucks each, and they are all Registered w/ ECC, so not very good overclockers...
Yea as mentioned their registered ECC and mainly sold to the big markets with high dedicated servers that actually use tons of it.
If I remember correctly they come in 1024mb cards. and even when ram prices are down you are still looking at least above the $300 mark. One cool thing you can do with lots or ram is make part of it into a RAM DRIVE and install games into it and have them run at lightning fast speeds. but as with the nature of ram, when you reboot the computer the ram drive is erased.
Here you go....www.mwave.com 1GB of Buffered Registered ECC DDR RAM for a low low price of...$490
Corsairs 1024MB stick is $560
leave it to the servers unless you intend on filling every slot with a 1GB stick...at that point then knock yourself out.
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Sure it will. Windows isn't the problems that I would worry about. I would worry about your computer supporting it. There are people here that have enough trouble with 512 or 256 sticks or RAM. That is why those larger sticks are Registered and buffered. Because having 3GB of RAM on a computer is a feat even if your mobo supports it.
Lou Natic said:
Will Win2k/XP even handle 3gb?

Shure it will, but I dont see why you would want that much RAM for a desktop system. The 1GB RAM, as said before, is incredibly exspencive, you are better to use 512MB sticks.
Can you say "Server"??? Cause thats what the 1 gig sticks are mainly used for. Does sound cool to do what the other post said, and have a lightning fast ram drive. I think thats what some peaple do that do a lot of burning. They load something onto thier "RAM" drive and do thier burning from that. :eek:
Lou Natic said:
Will Win2k/XP even handle 3gb?

Yes, they will. But have in mind that neither win98/se or win me
will run more ram than 512mb. As for what I've heard you would then have do put the bios settings down. The error that occur actually is:

"Don't have enough memory to performe requested operation" (translated from Norwigan) even if you just try to run for instance doom or the card games.