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1gb amd cpu

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Chucky (Apr 15, 2001 05:17 p.m.):
Hi i need how to overclock my 1gb cpu to 1gb+
please help me

COOLING, COOLING, COOLING!! If you're gunna overclock, be prepaired to COOL your chip. And I'm not talking about anything shitty like the 10$ HSF you got talked into buying, you need some proper, boss cooling. Like an Alpha PAL 6035 or a Global Win FOP38. And the lower you can run your chips Vcore, the better. I run mine at 1.50, and I STILL have cooling problems. You have to be prepaired to keep that sucker cool. Thats all I have to say for now . . . Good Luck!
Oni is right-keep it cool. If the L1 bridges are not connected, you may want to connect them so you can raise the multiplier. You can also raise the FSB-a little bit at a time, rechecking to insure that the system is stable-and keep an eye on the temps...