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1GHz Athlon always at 48c idle.

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Dec 29, 2000

Not an overclocking issue really, I bought a 1Ghz Athlon Thunderbird recently and ordered a Coolermaster cooler with it (This one: http://www.coolermaster.com/products/cpucooler/fcpga/ch5-5k12.html) which I thought would keep it nice and cool.

Applied the thermal compound (as I do) and powered the thing up, settled at around 48c which seems a little high, so I tidied up everything inside and mounted a second fan on the opposite side of the HS to help pull air through the fins.. no change at all.

I would have expected at least *some* change in cooling, however anything I seem to do just doesn't help which leads me to think it's something to do with the bond between the chip and the cooler, but I've tried reapplying the compound with the same results.

I know 48c isn't fatal, but I would have thought this should be lower? Any advice on this setup (I've looked at all the basic cooling tips)

That link to CoolerMaster does not work, plus that Heatsink in not a part number on their website, so I don't know which heatsink you have. You can and will notice great differences in cooling and temp based on how well you get the heatsink mounted. AMD knows this and has posted a 20 page doc telling you how to properly mount a heatsink to their CPU. 48C idle is high, this should be the temp for full-load. A case fan does not really cool the CPU, what it does is keep the hot air from the CPU building inside the case over time, and keep the temp steady by providing cool air all the time, not cool then hot. Also, cooling the inside of the case will aid in your CPU returning to normal idle temps.
Kinda moot now as the thing blew up, so it's in for replacement.

I found ou that it was due to one of the pads having come off and the heatsink was askew. I've ditched the CM anyway now as I hear they're shite and gone for a TaiSol, which I'm running on the Duron 750 I bought to tide me over whilst I do battle with the 1Ghz supplier.


BTW, re: the link take off the bracket and it works. Guess the forum software isn't that clever <G>