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1N914 Diode inquiry

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New Member
Mar 22, 2021
I’m thinking about building something from the parts drawer. A pair of 1N914 diodes are used in the enclosed discovered circuit. I’ve got a pair of BYY31s. Although I’ve studied datasheets, diodes remain a mystery to me. Would they be able to make the circuit work? I’m not concerned about duplication, but I do believe that replying to a CV is crucial. I’d use mil-spec LM118s rather than TL082s because that’s what I have.
Before drilling faceplate holes in stock, I intend to breadboard. Do you have any suggestions, or should I wait a few days and purchase parts?
The circuit’s text says that a CV of.05 to 10 volts may produce a frequency range of 100Hz to 10kHz. I’m not bothered with its linearity; all that matters to me is that its frequency of oscillation varies significantly within that voltage range.
Ok, what circuit are you talking about?

A 1N914 is a small signal high speed switching diode, 100V .2 amps
A BYY31 is a 150v 1 amp diode, low speed switching

Switching is how fast a diode turns on or off when current is flowing forward or reverse.
Also diodes let current go in only 1 direction.

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