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1st time build tips

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Nvidia GTX 980, 16gb of DDR4 2800mhz, 6700k i7, Socket 1151 motherboard in the $120-$150 range, 600W name brand gold rated PSU by EVGA. XFS, Corsair or Seasonic, 250gb Samsung EVO SSD, 2TB spinner hard drive for storage, mid or full tower case with lots of fan holes for good ventilation and the option to mount at least a 2x120 water cooling radiator, 2x120 all in one water cooler. There's some suggestions to get you started. You can start choosing some specific parts now and list them. Then we can critique.

Will you need a monitor, keyboard and mouse? Will you need to buy an operating system?
Try to watch those 1000$ gaming pc videos youtube, But here is my advice for a build : Intel core i7 6700(non k since you'll probably would'nt need it) GTX 970 or wait till the release of new GPU's, 8 gigs of RAM, 600 watt PSU, A decent mother board(since i suggest non k cpu Z170 mobo is not a must), and all the rest is your choice, i suggest you to buy a good air cooler like the Cooler master evo212 or something like that, The build here might pass the 1000$ mark but the videos on youtube will help you
Edit : the guy above me probably knows the pricing better, but an 980 is an overkill for the games you mentioned,save the money for something else
You don't need a CPU cooler for the CPU you picked out the intel CPU comes with a cooler. I would also upgrade the GPU to GTX 970 for games coming out in the next 3 years, I would also purchase a board that supports DDR4 memory and purchase DDR4 memory.

The list looks good you will also need windows 10.

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I already got a keyboard/mouse from my mom's computer

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I already got windows 10 on a flash drive

Is the Windows 10 on the flash drive currently installed on another computer?
I have to admit.. kills me that you go to the latest platform with old memory. While there are few performance differences, I think you should get a board that supports ddr4 and look at 2400+MHZ sticks.
How much processing power and memory do the emulators he speaks of wanting to run use? That's one reason I was suggesting 16gb of RAM. Yeah, the GTX 970 will do him fine on 1080p.
No no.. asking if its a already "in use" win10 copy or not. you cannot install it on 2 pc's at one time.
Windows 10 initializes to the computer motherboard and that info goes to Microsoft. Every copy of Windows 10 once activated is paired with that computer in Microsoft's database. You will have a hard time activating it on another computer I'm thinking, even with the phone assisted activation. They care about Windows 10 in this regard whereas they have gotten lax about earlier OS versions being moved to other computers.
You have to have a separate key for Windows OS on each computer. You can buy a new key form Microsoft.
I have decided on my parts in this link http://pcpartpicker.com/user/YamiRioru/saved/JDLzK8 but, will I be able to connect an xbox controller or any bluetooth controller with the motherboard I have selected?

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and also, my case doesn't have a disk drive, will I be able to place the iso file for windows 10 on a flash drive or do I have to invest in an external dvd drive?