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2.0A SL6S7 (MVID) Interesting Experiences

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Aug 4, 2002
Indiana. USA
So I got my boss to let me take this from one of our lab Dell 2350's (it seems all of them have it from the past few months as of our lab of 30 pc's that were ordered over the past 2 months... the 10 I checked all have this CPU). It runs perfectly stable at 3ghz at default voltage but past that I get memory errors. It's really quite odd because at 3ghz I'm running @ 150FSB @ 3:4 ratio (IE: DDR400). When I bump it past 150FSB I set to ratio to 1:1 and can't get into windows. I try bumping the voltage quite a bit and it goes no where. I'm thinking the motherboard won't do more than 150FSB? I'm using an ABIT IT7 (original). I had one before that did great but it died. Sadly this board also undervolts by about .05volts and also reads temps I'm hoping about 20C too high. At stock speeds (2ghz) this thing runs at over 50C at full load on my MCX4000 monster heatsink. Anyone have any ideas how to get this any faster? I know my heatsink is mounted fine just to let everyone know. I've done it a couple times and I'm using ASIII. Of course it is plenty fast right now...
I might also add my temps kinda suck. 45C system w/ 65C CPU... I have a very well cooled case too. These old ABIT thermistors just suck. I wonder how bad the IC7/IS7 is... The IT7 had a huge problem w/ almost all boards. Seems they are having some issues too.
I have heard from a number of people that the IT7 does not run past 150fsb. The SL6S7's are great runners, I have had 3 that run 160 - 170fsb at default voltage or with a slight voltage bump. It's the mobo...
I'm starting to think that too. I am getting errors at 150 when my ram runs above it too. I think I just have a bad board. I had a great board from newegg but it died and they refunded my money. In the heat of it I was forced to buy an IT7 from a local reseller who probably sold a greymarket batch. Maybe i'll have Abit look into it. My old IT7 would do 190FSB and memory timings far over DDR400 (which this one is having troubles doing).