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2.3 Volts?

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Oct 13, 2002
The mobo im getting gets up that high (Abit AT7-MAX2)
What kind of cooling would be needed for that, how many watts @ defualt speed?
You need water atleast for that kind fo wattage. The AMD CPUs wattage depends on the model, but is anywhere from 30w to 80w. If you have top end air cooling I would not go above 1.9v
I have done 2v on air but you need to have pretty good cooling to do it. And my temps were still around 42/43c!!!!!(at 1.9v I was around 35c, tells you how hot that thing was.)

2.3v is definitely water cooled MINIMUM.
I wouldn't go that high without at least a water-cooled Pelt.

You are starting to get into the territory where it may not matter how cool you keep the processor, it is still going to die when you get that high.

**Edit: to clarify just a bit- I didn't mean that it would die immediately at 2.3v, just that it will definitely have a shorter lifespan at that voltage; probably much shorter.
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it depends on the cpu. going 2.0v on a thouroughbred or a duron is usually too high unless you have supercooling (however, unlike the northwoods, the tbreds do not seem to die from high voltages as i have not read a single thread as of yet on any forum saying that a tbred has kicked in because of high voltages).

if you have a palomino or thunderbird, 2.3v will not kill it , but that is only if you are using very good cooling. we are talking water w/ 225w pelt or a good phase change unit (prometia or homemade).... or other crazy cooling
For some reason when i went to 2.1v my PSU blew. I have no idea why, but my input would be to have a decent PSU that can support a high load.
Ok just asking. The processor would be a 2400+ on quite high end watercooling...maybe i should pick up a pelt. I'm looking for atleast 2.4Ghz (12x200). That could be acomplished with how many volts?

Its a 420W PSU that came with my cheiftec Dragon from case-mod.com

PS. The MAX2 mobo has a extra 12v connector to ensure stability.
I wouldn't recommend running more than 2v on water or anything higher than 2.1 on super cooling, although the tbreds seem to hang in there w/ the high vcores, its still a 0.13µm proc which is much more sensitive to voltage.

I'd have to agree I wouldn't go over 2V...I'm luck my TB still runs.

I'm using 2.2V on air cooling with the volcano 9, and get 40C idle to 53C load. I originally could run my system at 1.9V @1440 but now after overheating on a generic heatsink I have to go very high voltage to get this same speed, but I plan on getting a XP chip soon, so I'm not worried.

If you do, Go with WaterCooling, and besure to use a high water pump so it doesn't overheat the chip.
Yes agree with the last few posts - the XP2400+ has a lower nominal Vcore rating than palominos and a smaller die size so for me 2V would be the absolute maximum for any sustained period of time.
mine ran great at 2ghz..but the crappy 5% regulation on the rails screwed me in the end...but good news is, i can run 1.92ghz at 1.8vcore flawlessly!