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2.4Ghz DDR357 versus 2.5Ghz DDR278

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Aug 24, 2002
Toronto, Canada
which one do you think is faster, personally I can probably jack my processor speed to around 2.7 but even then i still won't get the memory bandwidth I have now at 2.4 and 3:4 divider. So if my ram can't delivery there's virtually no use in faster clock speed right?
The more bandwidth you give the P4, you can see a performance gain in Benchmarks.

Don't believe me? Run your cpu at 2.4 with the 1:1 divider and run 3dmark. Then do it again and use the 3:4 divider.

If you can, the best performance would be a 2.6-2.8 overclock with a the 3:4 divider. I can run my 1.8a at 2.61 with a 4:6 divider (DDR 435).
Are you using winxp? You're temps are a little high (56C full load). You need a new hsf, if you are using the stock hsf. My full load is only up to 45C.
I asked if you were using xp because I noticed that I can overclock to 2.6 with win2k and only 2.4 stabitly with winxp pro. I'm going to see if I can turn off many of the un-needed background featues winxp has.
of course faster mem settings will give me better performance that's a given, but at higher cpu speeds does it make up for some for that performance? ya i am using XP pro SP1
Pretend the p4 cpu power is water. And pretend it has to go through a pvc pipe, 1/2inch (bandwidth). You can only have so much water going through the pipe.

Did you run 3dmark yet? Better yet, try 3dmark with 2.4 and 3:4 divider and then try it again with 2.6-2.8 with lower memory dividers. Which ever one shows a higher score is faster.
i know the pipe analogy but then so many people are slower memory compared to their cpu freq, so it's not that simple.