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2.5 voltage question??

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Mar 24, 2001
in the den
when checking my via hardware monitor last week, i noticed that my 2.5 v value is .29. in the past, it was within a few volts of 2.5

i havent noticed any problems in the computer due to this voltage difference, is this just a reading error or something to be concerned about??

all other voltage values (vcore, 3.3v, 5v, and 12v) are close to normal

gracias for any assistance
if the 2.5v is for the v core then something is wrong.
unless u did a voltage mod to the board.
but if it is for the I/O voltage then it`s way below the spec voltage.(should be 3.3v for the I/O).
check it in the bios .
it is more accurate.
and get rid off the via monitor and use MBM5.
That setting is not used on this board. Something about the DDr ram, but it is not used. If you want some good IWILL sources, check out the faq at fullon3d.com, and the IWILL forum at amdmb.com...